Amazon Prime Day sets records once again

Bessie Dean
July 18, 2019

Unfortunately, this bombastic new Prime Day deal only applies if you've never watched anything on Prime Video before.

That total eclipsed its sales for the past Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, and cemented the holiday's status as the "largest shopping event in Amazon history" for the second year running.

Amazon is pushing deals on all of their products, like the Fire TV stick, Kindle and Echo devices that use Alexa. Bezos also issued the following statement on Prime Day, though we're not sure if he was sitting in a desk chair or scaling a huge structure when he dictated it. In addition, more than $2 billion of products were bought from small and medium-sized businesses on the Amazon network.

Prime members purchased more than 175 million items on Monday and Tuesday, per Amazon, a 75 percent rise over the 100 million items sold previous year.

The sales event has become a part of popular culture as well, with celebrities calling out Prime Day and joining the delivery crew.

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Prime members spend two to three times more on average than nonmembers annually, per Jeffries.

Unlike a year ago, niche retailers (which Adobe defines as those with less than $5 million in annual revenue) also got a Prime Day boost, with sales up 30% on Monday and 25% on Tuesday.

Adobe's experts also believe merchants with physical stores helped to increase Prime Day spending because of buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) options, allowing consumers to complete a purchase and get the instant gratification of picking up the same day. The company said it saw more Prime sign-ups on July 15 (although Amazon offers free 30-day trials, so those sign-ups may prove temporary) than ever before, shoppers from 18 countries participated, it sold more first-party hardware than ever before, Prime members saved over $1 billion on 175 million items and that millions of items shipped in one day or less.

Some of the eBay deals included money off a number of electronics including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and a Samsung Smart 4K 49 inch QLED television.

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