Nintendo reveal a new Switch Lite console with a Pokémon special edition

Sheri Evans
July 11, 2019

Yes, Nintendo has announced that on November 8, you'll be able to grab a Pokemon Sword & Shield legendary edition (emblazoned with Zacian and Zamazenta) of the Switch Lite for $199.99: the same price as the base model Switch Lite.

In a related report published by The Verge, Nintendo denies that the arrival of the Switch Lite means the end of the 3DS line of handhelds.

The launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite had been rumoured for some time, and now the news is official. The Nintendo Switch Lite will launch on September 20 and will cost $200, which is $100 less than the regular Switch.

Speaking on the sales front, the Nintendo Switch Lite's lack of features with a name that doesn't clearly indicate how much functionality it removes might be a crucial deterrent or mitigating factor come the holiday shopping season. The Switch Lite can play any Nintendo Switch game that works in handheld mode.

The directional buttons are the main reason I nearly never play my Switch without my Pro Controller, and they're demonstrably inferior to a traditional clicky D-Pad in every conceivable way - so much so that players quickly took to modding a proper D-Pad onto their Joy-Cons shortly after the Switch launched. The loss of the removable Joy-Cons, which also has a removal of the IR Motion Sensor and HD Rumble, impacts each of these games, while the form factor change also impacts Nintendo Labo.

It's set to cost a little cheaper, with a $199 price point announced for the USA (at the time of writing, a United Kingdom price has yet to be confirmed) and will come in Yellow, Grey and Turquoise colours. It should be noted that Pokémon Sword and Shield won't come pre-loaded in this special edition Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Announces US$199 Nintendo Switch Lite For The Budget Gamer
The Switch Lite weighs around 290 grams, which is about 90gl grams lighter than the Switch with Joy-Con controllers attached. As a handheld-only system, one could argue that it's not really a " Switch " anymore but that's academic at this point.

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The Nintendo Switch light comes in yellow, grey and turqoise.

Nintendo claims it chose to go with a mobile-centric console based on the way Switch owners preferred to use their consoles on the go. As it turns out, there was some truth to these rumors, as Nintendo has just revealed the Nintendo Switch Mini.

The compact Switch variants opts for a smaller 5.5 inch, 720p display.

So, there is no possibility of a TV connection, and thus no dock capability or charging. The back of every game box will show whether or not the game requires the use of Joy-Cons. This is a new addition to the Switch family and is created to be portable/handheld only with a nice discount over the standard Switch model.

What games will Nintendo Switch Lite play? Other games like Mario Tennis Aces and Snipperclips face restrictions, the former lacking the swinging motion control option, and the latter's party and battle modes being unavailable without additional controllers. Nintendo says that it will clearly mark games in retail packaging and online.

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