What Tessa Thompson Hopes to Accomplish with 'Men In Black: International'

Bessie Dean
June 17, 2019

Though I've only seen Tessa Thompson in one thing, Thor: Ragnarok, that alone was enough for me to see talent.

But Thompson doesn't want to just stop at women - she wants her movies to inspire all people, including young boys, girls and the LGBTQ community. It reimagined modern day NY as a hub of clandestine alien activity, where all of the freaks, weirdos and colorful characters that populated the city at any given time were really what everybody always suspected them to be in the first-place: alien tourists in vaguely human-shaped flesh-suits, awkwardly stumbling their way through life among us and mostly failing to maintain their necessarily low profile. I always loved the potential the first film had, as it gave us a world filled with an array of aliens and worlds the Men in Black could venture too, but instead the films that followed played it safe, and really, that's a shame. Men in Black: International's previews are less than the latest string of summer Thursdays, i.e. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu ($5.7M) Godzilla: King of the Monsters ($6.3M) and Dark Phoenix ($5M). It's those in-between years where I feel there is a great story that could have been told, but there is no sense in crying over missed opportunities. This film moves pretty quickly. Each of us in the audience is Agent M; we grew up watching the Men in Black, and we're getting front-row seats now, to more action in 2019. After the horrifying events, London has started its own branch of Men in Blacks (MIB) - top-secret organization members who monitor and police alien activities on Earth. And it makes us wonder why the gender change in the lead duo was necessary at the first place. Director F. Gary Gray makes sure that all of the classic elements of the original trilogy are reintroduced for the new generation. The film, which is also opening in most foreign markets, carries a $110 million price tag, co-financed by Hemisphere and Tencent.

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Despite some of my complaints, I still had fun with this film, and I liked it more than the second and third installments.

And so, for the until-now two follow-ups to the certifiably classic 1997 movie, that's all we ever got: the exact same two agents, giving the exact same two performances, over and over and over and over again.

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