Mexico Launches Committee to Implement U.S. Migration Deal

Erika Holt
June 14, 2019

In bright sunshine outside the White House, Trump waved what he said was the text of an agreement Mexican and U.S. officials signed Friday to avert the application of tariffs on their exports to the United States.

Mr Trump added American winemakers had complained to him that French wine can be imported into the USA "for nothing", but they have to pay steep duties to export their wine into France. Liens (embargoes on documents) are a great bargaining tool, a great revenue producer and, most importantly, a powerful way to get companies to come to the United States and for the companies that have left us to return home, he said on Twitter.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on President Trump's immigration deal with Mexico.

Pompeo said those seeking asylum by crossing the USA southern border will be "rapidly returned to Mexico" to await the adjudication of their asylum claims.

Trump did not show the document or give any details, but a Reuters photograph of the folded document allowed reporters to read parts of it. However, the Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, said at a press conference in his country that outside the deal already exposed, there is no other.

President Donald Trump told reporters that he reached a secret pact with Mexico that will take effect when he wants it to - despite the country's insistence that there are no secret components of an immigration deal struck last week.

Mexico is now deploying 6,000 National Guard personnel to the border with Guatemala in a bid to stem the flow of migrants bound for the US.

Illegal border crossings on Mexico's northern border with the US have been on the rise again after reaching a low in US President Donald Trump's first year in office.

"There is no other thing beyond what I have just explained", said Ebrard.

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A senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity to share details of closed-door talks, said Mexico had expressed openness to the idea during negotiations, and said the two countries would continue to discuss the issue over the coming months.

"They have been working very hard".

"But we purposely said we wouldn't mention it for a little while ..."

"The problem is that France makes it very hard for the sell its wines into France, and charges big Tariffs, whereas the USA makes it easy for French wines, and charges very small Tariffs", Trump wrote on Twitter.

Part of the agreement requires approval by the Mexican Congress...

But Mexico has flatly denied the existence of any such undisclosed deal. We won the big court case, as you know, the other day. Instead, he said the talks had bought his country additional time.

According to the Wine Institute, an industry group representing Californian winemakers, the European Union charges $0.11 to $0.29 per 750ml bottle imported from the United States, depending on the alcohol content.

The document contained references to a regional asylum plan, which would involve several Latin American countries processing migrants' asylum claims in order to stave off United States tariffs.

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