Bethesda E3 2019 presentation

Sheri Evans
June 14, 2019

To start, Bethesda went nearly immediately at Fallout 76, knowing they had some crow-eating to do. "There's less in games actually; there's more in movies and television", Howard said. He agreed that Fallout 76 had a lot of difficulties at launch and received a lot of criticism. Hooray for free-to-play games on Switch. Ghostwire looks to be a significant departure from the companies last game, The Evil Within. So if you've already been playing on the phone, you can pick up there where you left off on Switch. You're at a conference populated by people with high-end PCs and/or current-gen consoles, and this is what you bring?

Elder Scrolls Blades is coming to Switch this fall.

Unfortunately, there's no release window just yet. And one more called Dragonhold arrives in Q4.

An attentive Twitch user shared a clip that appeared to show a mostly motionless crowd waiting for the next presenter, while the audio made it seem like the entire theater was applauding. Check out a trailer of the game here. But before anyone asks, please be patient, it's going to be a long time!

It's not great news for Commander Keen fans, either. It will soft launch for free this summer. For more info, keep your eyes on Bethesda's website. Taking to Twitter, some were left crestfallen by the Elder Scrolls 6 E3 2019 absence.

Shinji Mikami's studio Tango Gameworks presented a "new kind of action-adventure game" called Ghostwire: Tokyo, but the details are too scarce - you get to fight paranormal activity in Tokyo.

For those of you who haven't gotten into the mobile Elder Scrolls game, is this new update drawing you in?

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While Rage 2 is still fairly new, Bethesda is pretty clear that it intends to add a boatload of extra content to fill out the world. With the recent release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr across PC and consoles, Bethesda chose to showcase the new cinematic for the expansion at its press conference.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, the VR game comes to July. And then there's Youngblood, the standalone expansion that stars B.J. Blazkowicz's two daughters. Bad news: it's not a Dishonored game. You'll have to tune in to find out! It looks like it has some gimmicks, such as enemies in the environment, but otherwise, it's shaping up to be exactly the kind of experience you'd expect from a Fallout Battle Royale. It is streaming related, and dubbed Orion, which will optimize game engines for streaming.

During the conference, we were also treated to a new trailer for the upcoming Wolfenstein: Youngblood. This trailer tells the story after the 2016's Doom.

Blades will be coming in autumn this year, and the best part is that it'll still be free. For other time zones, use the Time and Date Converter and join us to catch the action live below.

Also during the Doom Eternal talk, Bethesda teased a new mode called Battle mode. He also says the game has developed a good community. One person being Doom Guy and the other two being various demons from the game. We'll have to see when Doom Eternal releases on November 22 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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