Rap legend Bushwick Bill still alive and fighting pancreatic cancer

Bessie Dean
June 11, 2019

Representatives of the pioneering rapper Bushwick Bill said on Sunday he was hospitalized in critical condition but still alive, contrary to some reports. Bill's publicist, Dawn P., told The Associated Press that the rapper is on a ventilator at a Colorado hospital. She says she spoke to hospital staff to confirm, and says some of Bill's family members are by his hospital bedside right now.

Legendary Geto Boys member Bushwick Bill has died after a longtime battle with pancreatic cancer, TMZ reports. The Jamaica-born performer was widely reported to have passed Sunday after a bandmate wrote a post on Instagram suggesting he had died. And I'm like, 'Stage 4?

He joined a reconstituted lineup of the group as a rap singer in 1988 under the new stage name Bushwick Bill.

"I been keeping it to myself, but I'm getting ready to tell Scarface and Willie D", Bill explained to the outlet. "Pancreatic cancer. Chemotherapy gave me pneumonia".

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He said he kept the diagnosis private until now. "Also was welcoming to me and warren g as young artist In the game before we had a deal what a treasure Big things come in small packages keep my dear brother bill. So, I know what it is like on the other side and that really not what it's about". Many of rap's current stars, from Jeezy and Lil Wayne to Juice WRLD and 21 Savage, have cited Geto Boys as an influence.

Over the years, Bill appeared on seven of the Geto Boys' eight albums in a collaboration whose brand of provocatively violent and sexist imagery influenced southern hip-hop and rap's "horrorcore" genre, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

The group's DJ, Ready Red, died from a heart attack previous year.

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