Huawei new operating system expected to launch this fall

Jeannie Matthews
June 10, 2019

USA companies such as Google, Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm and others were abruptly ordered to stop doing business with Huawei last month over concerns that the Chinese telecom company could theoretically provide the Chinese government with ways to spy on American citizens. But Huawei won't have that privilege anymore.

Facebook has stopped pre-installing its apps, including WhatsApp and Instagram, on Huawei devices, even on existing models, Reuters reported.

Facebook is the latest U.S. firm to turn its back on Huawei.

One would think that if your company is considered by US authorities to be a puppet of a Chinese Communist regime hellbent on spying on American communications, then you'd kind of get the picture that you're not welcome here.

Earlier today, Financial Times reported that Google had warned the USA government of potential security risks regarding the blacklisting of Huawei. The company said they were anticipating such a move and had also started working on its own operating system as a backup plan. The latter would contain more bugs making it a more receptive target for hackers. In the second quarter of past year, almost 88 per cent of all smartphones sold were using the Android operating system, according to Statista.

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For now, the Play store for Android and all Google apps will continue to be available to Huawei.

Google doesn't want a forked version of Android and wants Huawei back on its official Android version.

The report says that Google has told the Trump administration that if it can't be exempted from the ban, it would like the current 90-day reprieve granted Huawei to be extended for a longer period of time.

This comes in the wake of the US Government placing Huawei in the Entity list, which effectively bans any American company to get into any sort of deal with the Chinese firm. After the Google testing process, the OS splits into two versions- internationally, it gets the Google Apps; in China, it gets a Beijing-centric app selection. For instance, for a long time, Huawei used to preload Toodoist, a to-do list/task management app, on most of its devices, especially the high-end ones. If Huawei develops its own version of Android, the search giant won't control it so can't manage security upgrades or reap the consumer data that makes its services useful and fuels advertising revenue.

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