Huawei wants to sign a "no spy agreement" with the United States

Jeannie Matthews
June 7, 2019

The biggest blow came in a form of Android license, revoked by Google, that has made Huawei nearly nonexisting in smartphone space. He added that this may consist of a couple of other components, including limitations in shipments of minerals that are vital for use in the numerous US made devices and electronic cars.

The US government claims that Huawei is penalised for getting involved in activities related to espionage, but China is of view that the move was part of the ongoing trade war.

While there is no doubt that the US government's ban, if imposed, will hurt Huawei in the short term, some experts in China say it might strengthen the company's hand over the long term.

"Not only does this hurt the immediate bottom line of USA companies, it will simply lead to Huawei turning elsewhere for its supply needs to the long-term detriment of our technology sector", said Tor Ekeland, an attorney who specializes in defending hackers. As a result, U.S. ICT companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Google and Microsoft are likely to suffer damage due to the suspension of trade with Chinese companies.

The U.S. government has been trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to convince their European counterparts to give up business with Huawei. US officials have stated how Huawei is legally obligated to the leading communists of China, who may use Huawei devices for cyber espionage.

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Officials said they had no clarity about whether the final decision will be taken by May or her successor, risking uncertainty in the telecom sector. Will the company develop competing apps for its Operating System or has Huawei done that already? "But we hope the United States can change their way". It is anxious that China may have access to the information transmitted through its systems.

The Trump administration has been leaning on allies to exclude Huawei from 5G networks.

Others less sanguine about the ban said it was an extreme outcome that could have been avoided.

First, Google was forced to cut ties with Huawei then IP vendor ARM also had to stop doing business with the company and, according to a new report, Huawei smartphone users have also started to sell or exchange their devices. Huawei unveiled a set of auto industry solutions during its debut at this year's Shanghai Auto Show in April, including cloud services, communication modules, on-board computers and sub-systems. "Automakers from China, Europe, Japan, and Korea are seeking help from ICT suppliers to take on the USA players who are well ahead of their rivals in the intelligent vehicle market", (our translation) Ren said in the statement.

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