Huawei has built a Play Store alternative, but it could be useless

Sheri Evans
May 23, 2019

This story includes additional reporting from Jamie Davies.

Separately, Cnet reported that Huawei has no immediate plans to launch its own OS.

Huawei essentially has the option of using open source Android, they would not be paying Google for this OS so it would be allowed or moving to a different OS that they or another company developers.

All Huawei phones developed and certified by Google before May 16 will still get access to Google's Play app store and other pre-loaded apps and services from the internet giant. The Amazon Fire phone offers perhaps the best precedent to draw upon. Huawei would have to seek out publicly available versions of the Android operating software, rather than getting them directly from Google.

It is unclear what the United States government extension permits, but if it allows Huawei to keep purchasing components, the company will likely order more to build inventory, said Mark Kelleher, an analyst at D.A. Davidson. This will have notable impacts not only on performance, but security.

Benjamin Cavender: I think domestically this will not affect Google very much.

Kevin Dowd: Trump's decision is a disaster for Huawei, as it would at face value convert many of itsexports to the West into paperweights.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei told Chinese media on Tuesday: "It's not a hard task to come up with a new OS, but it's hard to build up an ecosystem for that".

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Smartphones are no-longer communications devices.

She is part of such a small group that the 27-year-old Olympia, Wash., resident says she has never met another Huawei owner, save for the man she bought the handset from for $800 in cash last year after seeing a listing on Craigslist.

The news that Google has been forced to withdraw Huawei's licence for its Android operating is likely the biggest tech story of the year.

What about us consumers then?

Huawei-owned smartphone firm Honor has unveiled its next line-up of smartphones, despite uncertainty over the future of its devices. This increase meant Huawei held 17.9% in global market share, overtaking Apple and trailing behind only Samsung.

Amid an intensifying trade war between Beijing and Washington, the recent targeting of the company stirred some in China to attempt to boycott USA firms in support of Huawei.

Current Huawei users need not be alarmed as there is reassurance that they will be able to update their phone but it is less clear for those planning to acquire a Huawei device.

Appropriately enough for something that could be Huawei's last hope this OS is reportedly called Project Z. This has apparently been on the back-burner for a while, but largely designed for the Chinese market where a lot of Android features are blocked anyway.

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