Iran's Hassan Rouhani calls for unity across country against United States sanctions

Erika Holt
May 14, 2019

But his administration should be careful about undermining America's allies and giving Iran an excuse to tear up the agreement and revive its quest to obtain a nuclear weapon. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said during a trip to NY a month that he thinks Trump wants to deal but is now trying an approach in the leadership of Middle Eastern allies and senior aides. "I think what you're gonna see is us over there to enforce and protect our interests".

He and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have warned Tehran that it would face "unrelenting force" if Iran attacked US interests or its allies. "USA allies are not happy that this is happening and they say that they will find ways of resisting it", said Zarif. They comprise an end to most uranium enrichment, quitting all support for civic groups from the Middle East along with also the launch of all US citizens arrested in Iran on just what the administration considers illegitimate motives.

Trump has made confronting Iran the linchpin of his Middle East policy, and his withdrawal from the nuclear deal and reimposition of sanctions meant to choke off Iranian oil exports and access to worldwide banks has pounded the Islamic Republic's economy.

Tehran has not officially responded to reports about arming boats with short-range ballistic missiles in the Gulf.

In a nationally televised speech on Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran would stockpile surplus enriched uranium rather than sending it overseas, an aggressive step that he nevertheless claimed wouldn't violate the deal.

The US has also taken recent measures that could make it hard for Iran to adhere to the pact, ending non-proliferation related waivers that allowed Iran to export heavy water and low-enriched uranium to stay below levels mandated in the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as the nuclear deal is formally known.

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Trump, who previous year pulled Washington out of the deal and reimposed sanctions on Tehran, has expressed a willingness to meet Iranian leaders in the past, and renewed it on Thursday. "This includes uranium enrichment and the installation of the state-of-the-art centrifuge devices". President Trump has been very clear about that: "Our response will be appropriate". "I believe Zarif can't wait to get back to the desk", Dubowitz explained.

Earliest this week, hawkish national security adviser John Bolton announced that the USA was deploying an aircraft carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Middle East in a bid to send a "message" to Iran.

If US and clients don't feel safe, it's because they're despised by the people of the region- blaming Iran won't reverse that.

Shortly after Trump spoke, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a written statement that reinforced Trump's tone. "The American war against Iran is not possible, because Washington does not have the ability and the courage to wage war against it", he said. "For example, if questions regarding foreign policy, culture or cyberspace are raised, we have to see how much authority the government has in these areas", added the President.

"While Iran remains in compliance, the United Kingdom remains committed to the Iran deal". "That is nothing less than nuclear blackmail".

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