Climate protesters climb on top of train at Canary Wharf

Erika Holt
April 18, 2019

Its unclear just how much disruption that has caused - but more than 300 people have now been arrested after 3 days of protests in London over climate change.

The Extinction Rebellion group has ratcheted up its protests in recent weeks, blocking Marble Arch, Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge, smashing a door at the Shell building and shocking lawmakers with a seminude protest in parliament.

Police officers then climbed up onto the train to unstick the protesters, who were put into harnesses and gently lowered by the police to the station floor.

The pair, a smartly dressed man and woman, glued their hands to the roof before being removed at around 12.40pm and taken away in a police van in the busy financial district.

A Transport for London worker appealed to the group to move their protest elsewhere, but the activists refused. - Almost 300 people have been arrested in ongoing climate change protests in London that brought parts of the British capital to a standstill. They had travelled from Stroud in Gloucestershire to take part in the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations.

Taking Boardman to task on the rights and wrongs of targeting London's underground tube system on Wednesday, Boulton, who was seemingly irritated by the environmental group's disruptive tactics launched a fiery tirade against his young guest.

"That's why I say to organizers: please work with the police, please work with the TFL [Transport for London authority] to minimize disruption cause to those trying to get about their business in our city".

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"Meet at Parliament Square at 11am on Monday 15th of April". Police say that so far, 340 protestors have been arrested.

On the bridge, demonstrators created a street party atmosphere in the British spring sunshine.

"It is absolutely crucial to get more people using public transport, as well as walking and cycling, if we are to tackle this climate emergency", he said.

A truck parked on the bridge has become an improvised concert stage where artists come and perform periodically. The organizers hope London's protests will continue for two weeks. According to the activists, he left without speaking to them and declined their gift of chocolates in a paper bag marked "Jeremy's love hamper".

"I have never been arrested or charged before, so this is new for me", Kate Bull, 58, told CNN on Wednesday as she locked arms with another activist she only met an hour before - bracing for any new round of arrests. Everything changed when a friend told him a year ago about XR.

"Years of one day marches and writing to your MPs has only led to Carbon dioxide emissions going up by 60% since the 1990s", Williams said.

You're a load of incompetent middle class, self-indulgent people who want to tell us how to live our lives.

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