Ecuador spread lies about WikiLeaks founder - Julian Assange's lawyer

Erika Holt
April 16, 2019

Ecuador's attempted character assassination of whistleblower Julian Assange stepped up since his arrest last week, with officials offering various excuses to justify his expulsion - and the media has been eagerly lapping it up.

Parents across the world would be cursing at the sight of a skateboard being used inside the house.

Julian Assange following his arrest.

Assange was forcibly removed from the embassy last week by British police after Ecuador revoked his political asylum and was quickly found guilty by a British court of breaching his bail conditions related to allegations of rape he faced in Sweden in 2012.

In the footage, a barefoot Assange, 47, can be seen jumping on his board and riding it shakily across his room while wearing a vest and shorts.

The always-curious minds that populate USA and United Kingdom newsrooms have instantly accepted and promoted the notion that it was not extreme pressure from Washington that prompted Ecuador to finally push the eject button on Assange's stay, it was obviously this convenient "misbehavior" that got too much for them.

"Julian Assange is somebody who has done a lot to shine a light on real abuses of state power and the war crimes that we saw in Iraq, so it's really key, I think, to ensure that we give the public the information so that we can hopefully ensure that politicians, at least in this country, don't ever take us into an illegal war again as we saw in Iraq in 2003", Williamson said.

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Assange skateboarded inside the embassy to "kill time", El País said, citing security guards at the embassy.

Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, has denied the "outrageous" claims made by Ecuador about his behaviour at the embassy, including that he had to reminded to flush the toilet, didn't clean his dishes and left the cooker on. "The politics changed when Ecuador's political situation changed with a new leader".

"It is unfortunate that, from our territory and with the permission of authorities of the previous government, facilities have been provided within the Ecuadorian embassy in London to interfere in processes of other states", Lenin Moreno told The Guardian newspaper on Sunday.

"This activity violates asylum conditions".

After his arrest last week, Assange was taken to Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, where he was found guilty of breaching his bail conditions, and U.S. officials charged him with conspiracy.

The US indictment charges Assange with "conspiracy" for working with former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to crack a password stored on Department of Defence computers in March 2010.

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