Global health threat found in Illinois: CDC

Kenny Tucker
April 10, 2019

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says U.S. C. auris cases are a result of inadvertent introduction into the country from a patient who had recently received healthcare in a country where C. auris has been reported or a result of local spread after such an introduction.

New Jersey had another 105 confirmed cases. So far, the CDC has received 587 reports of cases in the United States. Most deaths occur within 90 days.

A drug resistant fungus being called a global health threat has been detected in IL.

5. New York Currently Has the highest number of Cases in the U.S.

Although the fungus has been known to medical professionals in New Jersey for two or more years, it was not widely known to the public.

"Everything was positive-the walls, the bed, the doors, the curtains, the phones, the sink, the whiteboard, the poles, the pump", Dr. Scott Lorin, the hospital's president, told the New York Times. Tests showed the fungus had initially been all over his hospital room. The fungus can cause different types of infection, including wound infection, bloodstream infection, and ear infection. The fungus spreads through moist surfaces, hospital linen, blankets, temperature probes etc, he says, recalling an instance when a ventilator had to be destroyed because it could not be properly disinfected. "We have to figure out which disinfectant procedures may be best to try to eradicate the infection, so at this point, I don't think we have good enough information to advise".

About 60 percent of those who've been infected with C auris have died, the CDC said.

The CDC, which recently added C. auris to a list of germs deemed an "urgent threat", has a wealth of up-to-date tracking data on its website about where the fungus has been reported and how it's spreading.

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Candida auris targets people with weakened immune systems.

The most worrying characteristic about Candida auris is its resistance to major antifungal drugs, which are typically used to treat such infections.

Nett said that not all standard laboratory diagnostic methods are created to accurately detect Candida auris relatively new species.

This was done to "enable a coordinated and broad-based response to infectious threats of public health importance", the spokesman said.

"It's not something that one should be hysterical about, but one should be concerned", he said. It states that mortality due to Candida auris ranges between 33% to 72%.

"One of the goals is to ensure "the right drug for the right bug" so that organisms don't have the opportunity to become drug-resistant", said Kerry McKean, a spokeswoman for the trade group. In 2013, researchers reported on another drug-resistant fungus called Aspergillus and observed that it existed in places where a pesticide that targeted that specific fungus was used.

Some scientists have identified evidence that the massive use of fungicides on crops has been a huge contributor to the increase in drug-resistant fungi infecting humans.

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