Beep beep! Respawn vans are pulling up in Fortnite

Sheri Evans
April 8, 2019

Epic Games has announced that it's adding Reboot Vans to Fortnite.

If you're familiar with Apex Legends' respawn beacons that dot the landscape of Kings Canyon, then you've already got a good understanding of how Fortnite's Reboot Van works.

Well, today, the Dev Update #13 released, telling players about the Reboot Van coming in the next update. It's up to you (or one of your surviving teammates) to pick up their Reboot Card, take it to a Reboot Van, and give your teammate a new lease on life.

If you've played Apex Legends, you might recognise this system. You'll need to channel at the van for a short duration in order to trigger the respawn - and once you do, its auto alarm will blare out and a giant beam will shoot into the sky for all to see. As given away by the name, the van will allow players to reboot/respawn eliminated teammates.

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Any in-game purchases and progress acquired during the time between 1.1 going live and the fix will be reverted - levels earned, items unlocked, packs opened, and spent currency.

The concept seems easy enough, but there are a few questions that still linger. He didn't go into specifics but said that Respawn is working with Sony to make improvements to the system.

Both the Reboot Van and Reboot Cards will be introduced in the update. It's also not clear if a reboot card would be held like a trap or jump pad item, or if you'd need to carry it like you would a weapon. The vans will have a cooldown period, and other players will be able to see that a van is in use and how many players are being respawned at it.

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