System Shock 3 Teaser Footage Proves The Game Does Still Exist

Sheri Evans
March 22, 2019

Interestingly, the new developer works under Paul Neurath who also worked on the original System Shock game with Spector. There's also the fact that the game's developers at OtherSide Entertainment are now looking for a publisher after announcing a split from Starbreeze in February.

Since then, we haven't heard anything about the game.

The very brief teaser trailer had all the hallmarks of the System Shock franchise, including a desolate space station, monstrous enemies, and series antagonist SHODAN, all in glorious high definition.

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A new trailer for OtherSide Entertainment's System Shock 3 was released yesterday at Unity's GCD keynote.

Honesty, I felt vibes of several classic titles just watching this trailer. But we never explained why she wants to destroy humanity. We're not sure what to expect in part 3, but I've been waiting for this game ever since it was announced. I had originally played System Shock 2 years ago but never got a chance to try the original until Nightdive released its excellent System Shock: Enhanced Edition port. But at the moment neither Studio has a release date set for their game, something that many fans are viewing as a race to see which comes out first. This is the first we've really even seen of the game since the various issues it's had since beginning development.

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