Those Captain Marvel post-credits scenes, explained

Bessie Dean
March 9, 2019

For something a little more story-related, Captain Marvel also reveals that the titular heroine got her powers from an Infinity Stone - namely, the Tesseract. Even though this is just the first 30 minutes of the movie, I think from the poster near the ticket booth where we purchased our tickets that it is quite clear that the answer is Captain Marvel. There were a number of occasions when I was reminded of Larson's 2017 interview with The Times when she described gravitating toward movies that "make people feel more connected to themselves [and] the rest of the world". She also gets right down to business, as Steve, Natasha, Rhodey, and Bruce realize this must be the mysterious figure Fury tried to contact. Cut to him later at SHIELD and he's wearing an eye-patch! Frankly, we'd be pissed. Widow turns around and there stands Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. Give it a looksy! But the film is no Wonder Woman (the 2017 hit from a different franchise), whose story of a woman finding power in a man's world spoke to an audience beyond fans of comics-based movies. In a departure from other Marvel superhero films, Captain Marvel emphasizes the super over the hero. Why was she never here to help Earth?

Secret Invasion is why so many fans were posting theories on which member of the Avengers has been a Skrull this whole time, but Marvel didn't even remotely hint at that sort of thing. "We just wanna watch a f-kin" movie'".

What happens: We're in the post-Infinity War days, as evidenced by a ten-figure "global missing" count on the wall of an Avengers facility. But that doesn't settle anything!

Brie Larson Sums Up Captain Marvel in One Word
On Tuesday, Rotten Tomatoes tweeted that Captain Marvel was sitting at an 87 percent Tomatometer score, based on 93 reviews. Adding it "jettisons subtlety in its messaging of female empowerment and anti-imperialism to varying degrees of success".

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I'll also highlight the fact that Captain Marvel is not afraid to call the shots, which is a nod to the fact that she'll lead the Avengers moving forward.

Still, whatever historical ground Captain Marvel may be breaking or important conversations it may be prompting, Larson admits she was anxious at first about playing the galaxy-traversing Captain Marvel or any other superhero. She is referring to the lush green planet where we last see Thanos in Infinity War. Captain Marvel does indeed see Fury sustaining the injury that ultimately costs him his eye. Why would Fury not call her when aliens attacked again? We knew Goose would cough the Tesseract up like an oversized, overpowered hairball at one point or another. Not only are powerful forces in the galaxy hell-bent on her destruction, but the men in her life are quick to belittle her when she dares to do what they can do, and better. "Nothing is more unsafe than emotion", he warns her. "Doubt makes you vulnerable". Seems like something you'd want to keep close tabs on! It takes the best part of this movie's two-hour or so running time (hallelujah, by the way, for a Marvel blockbuster that doesn't make you wish you'd brought a pillow and a chamber-pot) for her superpowers to be fully unleashed. The camera stays on Rambeau when she sees her old friend whom she thought had died six years ago. We could chalk it up to a freak accident caused by the mixing of Tesseract energy and Kree tech, but that's not very satisfying.

In a study published previous year called " SuperPowering Girls", conducted by the Women's Media Center and BBC America, researchers found that representation on film matters, especially when it comes to superheroes. "The stories they've told have been so diverse, but regardless of the subject matter, they can dive into it and hone in on that character's journey".

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