Pittsburgh Steelers to move Antonio Brown by Friday

Florence Fletcher
March 8, 2019

However, they appear to be the front-runner to trade for the services of All-Pro Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who now has a first-round asking price on his head.

"Hell no", Sharpe emphatically declared. Sources say a couple of teams have become interested in Brown over the past two days, which puts the total number at six or seven.

Whether or not multiple teams are actually involved depends on if one believes Pittsburgh is attempting to boost its trade return through sourced reports versus the reality that Brown should and could command a robust trade market.

The possibility of Brown landing in the desert looked more unlikely over the weekend when Cardinals veteran receiver Larry Fitzgerald said at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference that he didn't think the receiver was asking out of Pittsburgh in the right way. Here are the latest reports and updates on Brown.

Three new teams have thrown their hats in the ring which could get this deal done sooner than expected.

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With all that in mind, it would likely seem more likely that McDermott and Beane wouldn't touch Brown with a 10-foot bottle of Heinz ketchup as they attempt to groom a young team into a contender. With already limited draft capital and essentially unlimited cap space, the Jets deemed it not worthy to make a blockbuster trade for Brown. The Steelers ideally want to move Brown before March 17 when Brown's $2.5 million roster bonus is due.

A few other teams have been reported to be interested - namely the Tennessee Titans, the Oakland Raiders and the Washington Redskins.

Per ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, the Steelers will not trade Brown within the AFC North, nor to the New England Patriots, if possible.

Brown had made it clear last week that he wanted out of Pittsburgh when he tweeted what amounted to a goodbye to the Steelers. But they might not be prepared for what Brown is going to bring.

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