Brie Larson Sums Up Captain Marvel in One Word

Bessie Dean
March 8, 2019

We're then introduced to Larson as an interstellar soldier on the Kree home planet who's having odd visions and/or memories that cause her to question her past.

Having cast the capable, talented and highly watchable Brie Larson as their heroine, though, I sensed the film's makers were unsure how to capitalise on her strengths. Physically, he renders her energy projection abilities as so vast in might that they actually distort the light around her as she uses them, pure force charged to the red line and then unleashed.

In two hours the film weaves its story of personal intrigue with some bruising if sometimes confusing action sequences, and the odd cathartic fist pump of righteous triumph. When the interviewer explained Captain Marvel would be the first female led Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Larson again questioned, "So would I be playing a man?" Apparently, Larson is lying when she says that she likes Jackson's signature Kangol hats. Weird, considering Marvel Studios" Captain Marvel is set in the "90s while the shenanigans in the Avengers takes place in present-day. Things get confusing, however, when you realize that most users have given the film a 1 - the counter now sits at 1,994. Ostensibly rescued from a plane crash on Earth by an alien race known as the Kree, Carol is transformed into a robotic assassin by her charismatically-challenged mentor Yon-Rogg (Jude Law). They and their conspicuous stunt doubles engage in a battle with punches and judo throws. Larson's Vers is like someone trapped in a matrix - she has to shake off the dream of who she is to locate the superwoman she could be. Bening is ideal, with a wise but sly twinkle in her eye. The Kree, who are led by an AI called Supreme Intelligence (perfectly represented by Annette Bening), are at war with the reptilian, shapeshifting Skrull, who are led by the slippery Talos (an impish Ben Mendelsohn).

While the good reviews veer closer to the centre of the critical aisle, highlighting the film's pleasures while reserving some space for their issues with the pacing and the plot, the negative reviews go all out.

Even if Captain Marvel slightly under-performs, it should a big step up from Marvel's most recent film, Ant-Man and the Wasp, which only opened with $75 million last summer.

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Captain Marvel Stands Tall In Her Nostalgic Cinematic Debut
She's a member of the Avengers , was the face of one side of the second superhero Civil War, and is a mentor to the new Ms. A mediocre plot, with no groundbreaking visual work on screen, and yet, Captain Marvel is hardly a stinker to give a miss.

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"Have you ever farted while filming a scene?"

Jackson's witty scenes are a relief from the spectacle of fiery explosions and unexceptional action. We see how she got her superpowers, and it is exponentially cooler than being bitten by a spider. They want everyone to hate Carol Denvers before they even met her. So are a lot of other Avengers, but they didn't set themselves up to deliver more. Larson's quite capable of selling that oscillation of maturity without losing the humor of her character; she may be confident, but she's still crafty and calculatingly playful.

Yet Empire's Helen O'Hara - one of the few female critics to review the film - still regards it as an "essential. feminist fable" that "delivers in a more satisfying way than nearly any other superhero film of recent years". This is when the skills of directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson, Mississippi Grind) really pop out from under the smothering fog of CGI and noise. Like Larson's, their voices are overwhelmed by Marvel's homogeneous style. On Tuesday, Rotten Tomatoes tweeted that Captain Marvel was sitting at an 87 percent Tomatometer score, based on 93 reviews. When she reunites with her best friend Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) and her young daughter Monica (Akira Akbar), she's reminded of the very things worth fighting for.

Adding it "jettisons subtlety in its messaging of female empowerment and anti-imperialism to varying degrees of success". They have a lock and key on that, we feel no commitment and responsibility to that movie at all. Meanwhile, IndieWire David Ehrlich wrote that the film is "Neither a blast from the past, nor an inspiring glimpse into the future, at the end of the day it's just another Marvel movie".

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