Brexit: Tory MPs at odds over competing ‘Super Tuesday’ amendments

Kenny Tucker
January 30, 2019

"If the Prime Minister is seeking to find a united front, both between elements in her own party and the DUP, in the negotiations which she will enter with the European Union, then this is a proposition which she should not turn her back on".

Mr Cullianane warned British MPs that a no-deal Brexit would be "reckless" and result in Irish reunification.

Both the European Union and the Irish government have been adamant that there can be no question of reopening the Withdrawal Agreement.

The legislation would give MPs the chance to instruct Theresa May to seek an extension to Article 50 until the end of 2019 if she has not secured a deal by February 26.

Declaring herself "queasy" at the enthusiasm of Russian President Vladimir Putin for Brexit, Lady Manningham-Buller said a range of security threats - from terrorism to Russian interference - were best dealt with "in a European context".

Speaking to BBC News, Sir Graham said he hoped the backing from the government would see the DUP - who Mrs.

It is an insurance policy but it is a vitally important insurance policy to ensure there is no hardening of the border and preserves what is a very, very fragile peace agreement'.

MPs are debating proposed changes to the PM's Brexit plan, including a Labour amendment that aims to rule out a no-deal Brexit.

"The Prime Minister is absolutely committed to leaving the European Union with a deal, but clearly if we are to obtain parliamentary support for that deal some changes are going to have to be made", the PM's spokesman said.

At one point in the meeting with Tory MPs there was one reassuring lull.

One MP, Sir Graham Brady, has tabled an amendment that calls for the removal of the backstop and "alternative arrangements" to be put in place which, if passed, could give the Prime Minister more leeway to win concessions from the EU.

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In the process she buys another two weeks of false hope that Brexit deal looms but also massively increases risk of no-deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson has demanded that Theresa May inserts what he has named a "freedom clause" into her Brexit deal, which would limit or scrap the Irish border "backstop".

The Brady amendment leaves lots of room for what a new backstop arrangement might look like, and otherwise fully supports May's deal.

He acknowledged there were "legitimate concerns" that delaying Brexit until December 31 would be "offensive to many people, who will level the charge that what we are trying to do is defeat Brexit - and we are not".

European Union and Irish leaders insist that Dublin is under no pressure to relent.

Mr Wilson said "chaos" in thinking about the backstop had been exposed by recent suggestions from Irish premier Leo Varadkar that troops may have to be sent to the border in a no-deal scenario.

The Home Office said that for a "transitional period" after Brexit - set for 29 March - EU citizens will be able to enter the United Kingdom to visit, work or study as they do now, but after three months they would need to apply for "European Temporary Leave to Remain", which would last three years.

"The backstop is not a prerequisite for the future relationship", she said.

Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier's deputy Sabine Weyand said it was "quite a challenge" to see how a majority in support of a deal could be constructed in Westminster, warning there was a high risk of the United Kingdom crashing out by accident.

That position was reiterated on Monday by the EU's deputy chief negotiator, Sabine Weyand.

After the UK-EU Brexit deal was roundly rejected by the House of Commons earlier this month, individual politicians and groups of MPs have been tabling amendments to a government motion due to be voted on later on Tuesday.

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