Samsung Galaxy Sport officially confirmed

Sheri Evans
January 25, 2019

In some of the latest Samsung news, the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer giant has once again surprised the crypto community. However, this leak also shows us something new: the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app.

While the leaked images aren't yet confirmation that the much-anticipated iPhone killer will indeed ship with the crypto wallet in tow, if it does, Samsung will be exposing crypto and blockchain to millions of its most tech-savvy smartphone users.

Following the release of the HTC Exodus 1 "Blockchain" Phone, The limited available information means that at present it is unknown which cryptocurrencies the company will support, or what form of security the storage facilities will have.

Samsung is widely expected to unveil the Galaxy S10 at an Upacked event in San Francisco on February 20. Even though the smartphone hasn't been officially released to the public, there are several features of the next-gen smartphone that are known. A good example is the screenshots from the above Twitter user. The "Samsung Blockchain KeyStore" is described as both "a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency" and a place to "secure and manage your blockchain private key".

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Also of note is the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore shown in these images.

The way the system works is through the blockchain. And if you're wanting to be one of the first to experience 5G in the U.S., you best get that credit card limit raised.

Additionally, the fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be seen on the back, so it's most likely placed under the display as well in an approach that's projected to give Samsung a major advantage in the fight against iPhones. As you can see from the above tweet by @VentaGeskin1, Ethereum is the only cryptocurrency that is supported. However, Bitcoin is suggested to be in the iconography of the system.

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