Meizu Zero smartphone has no ports, speakers, SIM-slots or buttons

Sheri Evans
January 25, 2019

Meizu announces the Meizu zero, the world's first holeless phone. It skips all the basic usuals - the headphone jack, charging port, speaker grille, power button, and even the SIM card slot! In place of a conventional speaker, the Meizu Zero utilises a piezoelectric transducer under the display, something similar with what Sharp and Xiaomi have done in the past with their Aquos Crystal and Mi Mix.

If buttons, ports, and speaker grilles give you real anxiety when looking at your smartphone, Meizu has the flawless handset for you.

The Meizu Zero looks remarkably like the Samsung Galaxy S9 from the front, with no buttons and a notchless, curved 6-inch AMOLED display, just a slim bezel at the top and bottom. The handset supports the proprietary "Super mCharge Wireless" technology which offers 18W wireless charging.

The Meizu Zero is a concept smartphone that is fully functional but has no final specs yet.

Instead of physical SIM card, the Meizu Zero is equipped with eSIM card.

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The camera section has a dual 12MP primary and 20MP secondary camera and the front selfie camera is 20MP. Meizu zero features Wireless USB exceeds the limit of transmission speed. With optimized internal structure, premium audio materials, Meizu zero delivers outstanding sound quality and unmatched loudness level.

While removing all ports sounds easy to get a seamless design, Meizu had to make a lot of changes to the basic features of the device. More and more Android phone manufacturers were placing needless buttons on their devices that would launch crappy and proprietary virtual assistants.

Meizu is making a comeback in the Indian market piggybacking on its flagship smartphone, the Meizu 16th. Both are still sealed off to maintain an IP68 rating against dust and water. The smartphone can only be charged wirelessly - with a fast 18-watt charger. To solve this problem, the company relies on a permanently installed eSIM. It's great that the Zero's display doubles as a speaker, but it probably won't sound as loud or as impressive as traditional speakers.

The smartphone is powered by 7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, however, the RAM/ROM configuration remains unknown at the time of writing.

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