Google Assistant beats Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri

Sheri Evans
December 27, 2018

According to the research, Google Assistant stands first with 88 percent correct answers, following which Apple's Siri is at the second spot with 75 percent correct answers, Amazon Alexa at third position with 73 percent contribution, and Microsoft's Cortana at the last spot with 63 percent correct answers.

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The race is on to develop the smartest speaker of them all, with the Google Assistant-powered Google Home now in the lead on understanding questions and giving the right answers, according to one IQ test. Apple's Siri-based HomePod is catching up with Google, while Amazon's Echo devices enjoy the largest marketshare worldwide, with the largest number of buyers coming from the U.S. followed by China.

Information - Who do the Twins play tonight? According to their results, Google's solution came out on top as it understood 100 percent of queries and answered 87.9 percent of them correctly. It understood 99.6 percent of queries. The assistant had a 22 percent increase over a 9-month period, while over a 12-month period, Alexa improved by 9 percent, and Google and Cortana each improved by 7 percent.

Loup Ventures asked each smart speaker the same 800 questions, and graded them on whether they understood what was said and whether the speaker delivered a correct response.

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Finally, Cortana came in last with 63.4 percent and 99.4 percent respectively. It can pass on full SiriKit requests, such as those regarding messages, list, calendars and more.

Siri will need more from Apple if it is ever going to push the HomePod past Google Home.

In other words, the HomePod kind of cheats in this category, as asking it a command-related query will use the smartphone to answer, not the speaker itself.

Alongside the new Pixel 3 and Chromecast, Google announced also recently announced the Google Home Hub. In commerce, Google was 86 percent, Siri was 56 percent, Alexa was 52 percent and Cortana was 31 percent. When it comes to commerce, it was expected that Amazon's Alexa would have an edge, but Google's Assistant did a far better job than Alexa is providing information as well as alternatives. Loup suggests this will be a major factor in both the Assistant and Siri's continued dominance of the market.

You can see that Cortana is struggling pretty much across the board and Amazon's Alexa is not doing too well, either.

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