'High-tech' robot on Russian TV was man in suit

Bessie Dean
December 16, 2018

But its authenticity started being questioned when photos appeared online that clearly showed a human inside a robot suit.

In a footage of Robot Boris, Russian state television shot at the youth forum dedicated to robotics claimed that it was an actual robot.

A robot shown off on Russian TV stunned an audience of schoolchildren with abilities including dancing, walking, talking and solving maths problems. Forum organisers used Boris to enliven the event, having him dance to a pop song - but never claimed the robot was real.

Russian state television praised a "hi-tech robot" at a technology forum that was actually a man inside a robot suit.

At the end of it all, we can only request you do NOT learn the "Skibidi" dance, or believe that Russian Federation have created humanoid robots. BBC reports that in a pic shared on social media, the person's neck was visible from inside the robot costume.

The answer was later revealed: it was an "Alyosha the Robot" costume made by a firm called Show Robots.

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Where were its external sensors?

'It's entirely possible one of these [students] could dedicate himself to robotics.

On the website of the company behind the robot, it is described as being able to create "an nearly complete illusion that you have a real robot".

The Rossiya-24 channel told viewers that participants had "the opportunity to look at the most up-to-date robots".

Footage of the robot reportedly disappeared briefly from Russia-24's YouTube channel on Wednesday morning but it came back again a short while later.

"And here comes the world's most advanced robot Boris, a Russian man, a member of the party "United Russia" inside" - said in comments to the video.

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