Look up: Geminid meteor shower peaks Thursday night

Pat Wise
December 15, 2018

Despite being referred to as a meteor 'shower, ' that is more often than not an overstatement, according to Filippenko. "But the Geminids have been fairly reliable over the years".

Where to watch Geminid Meteor Shower?

One of the most spectacular meteor showers is making its annual return on Thursday night.

Clear skies are essential for optimum viewing, so keep an eye on the weather before heading out.

Geminid meteor shower - How is it different?

To get the best experience of the spectacle, try to find an unpolluted place from where you can witness clear dark night sky. Initially spotted over three decades ago, they are called Geminids because the shower seems to begin from the constellation "Gemini". The shooting stars appear to radiate from the constellation Gemini, hence the name.

"Ideally a location away from light pollution will be of benefit", they added. The Geminids are also believed to be intensifying every year, with around 100 meteors expected per hour. This year, could be one of the most frustrating for Tampa Bay residents. The Geminid meteor shower was first discovered through satellite 35 years ago.

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When can I see the best meteor showers this December?

Double-check your local forecast to make sure clouds won't obstruct your view. Go stand in the shadows, perhaps behind a wall, building or shed, and you'll see more. However, the Geminids meteor shower is a little different from most because it's caused not by comet debris, but by a near-Earth object.

What is the Zenithal Hourly Rate?

Meteors also come in spurts, so give yourself at least an hour of viewing time, if possible. ZHR is astro-talk for "the maximum you would see if you had ideal conditions. and wide-angle eyes". But Bill Cooke, a meteor expert at NASA, told Space.com that the best time to catch the show will be 2 a.m.

While the Geminid meteor shower favours the Northern Hemisphere, it can be viewed from the Southern Hemisphere as well.

Sharing intriguing pictures of the meteor shower, Twitterati is in a flutter!

According to unconfirmed reports, the Geminid meteor shower is likely to be visible Rajasthan's Alwar, around Himalayas belt.

What are they and why do they appear yearly?

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