Stage Falcon crash landed in the ocean after launching to the ISS

Pat Wise
December 10, 2018

SpaceX followed the Spaceflight mission with a December 5 resupply to the International Space Station, which marked the company's 20th launch in 2018. The rocket was loaded with supplies, science experiments and food for the astronauts living there.

"The first stage did land in the water", SpaceX spokesperson John Insprucker said during a live webcast.

Meanwhile, an attempt to recover the booster's first stage ended in failure when the booster appeared to spin out of control during its final descent, settling to an off-target "landing" in the Atlantic Ocean just east of the launch site.

The rocket's Dragon spacecraft made it safely to space, where it's expected to dock at the space station Saturday morning with more than 5,600 pounds of supplies.

It was the first time SpaceX ever failed to land a booster on solid ground, following a string of 12 straight successes. (SpaceX) broke the company's record for number of successful missions in a calendar year. The agency's current schedule has SpaceX's first uncrewed demonstration flight on January 7 and the first flight with astronauts on board in June.

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Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket with 64 microsatellites.

The establishment of the agency aims to reduce the cost of the space transport and establish the human habitation on Mars house.

Two rocket launches last week by Hawthorne-based Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

American Space Agency NASA has contracted with the private companies to send material for the ISS. Maheen is working on converting her gas-powered Hyundai into an all-electric variant.

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