Donald Trump slams Paris Agreement in tweet commenting on French riots

Jeannie Matthews
December 9, 2018

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said 481 people had been detained in Paris as police carried out checks on people arriving at train stations and at protest hotspots such as the Champs-Elysees and Bastille monument. In Paris, 737 were arrested with 551 in custody.

Last weekend's violence, in which 200 cars were torched and the Arc de Triomphe vandalised, shook France and plunged Macron's government into its deepest crisis so far.

About 100 were detained, many for carrying risky objects like fireworks or clothing that could be used as protection in clashes with police. Tens of thousands of officers were deployed nationwide. Offshoot movements have emerged elsewhere, and yellow-vest protests are planned on Saturday in Belgium and the Netherlands. There were also clashes with police in Bordeaux, which continued into the evening, and in Toulouse along with roadblocks on highways including near Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and Albertville.

Shouts of "Macron, resign" mingled with the tear gas near the famous Champs-Elysees avenue, the scene of the worst rioting in Paris for decades last weekend.

Police used pepper spray on a small group of men who threw street signs, bottles and other objects as they tried to break through a barricade near the European Parliament. Rioters looted a golf supply store, making off with clubs they used to smash the windows of bank branches.

Brussels police spokeswoman Ilse Van de Keere said that around 400 protesters were gathered in the area.

By midday, as many as 5,000 demonstrators had gathered in Paris' center, according to BBC News.

On the Champs Elysees, numerous more peaceful Yellow Vests chanted for Macron to resign.

Dozens of people were searched at stations.

In the video, which was first posted online in June, demonstrators chant "we want Trump" in English as a man in a rubber Trump mask stands on top of a bus.

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A protestor holds a tear gas canister during a demonstration against rising costs of living, on the Champs Elysees in Paris on Saturdya, Dec. 8, 2018.

Armoured vehicles rolled through central Paris on Saturday as riot police clashed with "yellow vest" demonstrators, who set fire to barricades and hurled rocks in the latest demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron.

Interior Minister Christopher Castaner said that he expects radical elements to be present in Paris and that "the past three weeks have given birth to a monster that has escaped its creators".

Since then the movement has snowballed into a wider revolt against French President Emmanuel Macron's economic policies and his top-down approach to power.

In what should have been a festive pre-Christmas shopping day, tourists were few and residents were advised to stay at home if at all possible.

France's yellow vest protesters have political stances ranging from the far right to the far left but the leaderless group is united in its sense that Macron and his government are out of touch. It's organized through social media and has no leadership, but has the support of three-quarters of the French public, polls show. Demonstrators demanded lower taxes, better wages and retirement benefits.

Protesters who came to Paris from Normandy described seeing officers block yellow-vested passengers from boarding at stops along their route.

Underpinning the movement is a widespread complaint that overlooked provincial workers on modest incomes barely scrape by after paying some of the highest tax bills in Europe.

The prime minister says planned tax increases on petrol and diesel on Jan 1 will be suspended for six months and hikes in regulated electricity and gas prices will be frozen during the winter.

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