Citizen Rights Group Call on WI Legislature to "Respect Our Votes"

Erika Holt
December 6, 2018

He asked Walker to withdraw the names to allow ample time for review. A spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a question about how quickly he would act. In the meantime, Republican Gov. Scott Walker faced a chorus of boos from protesters at an event in the state Capitol.

Walker presided over the ceremony in the Wisconsin Capitol rotunda on Tuesday.

The lame-duck maneuvering in Wisconsin is similar to what Republicans did in North Carolina two years ago and is being discussed in MI before a Democratic governor takes over there. A high school choir singing Christmas carols was largely drowned out by protesters outside the Senate chamber singing their own anti-Walker tunes.

Walker downplayed the significance of the legislation's proposed changes and said the measures seek to keep in place the current friendly dynamic between the Republican governor and GOP-controlled Legislature. -Elect Tony Evers, seen here on the campaign trail.

Doyle was governor from 2003 to 2011.

The states were among four, including Kansas and New Hampshire, where voters broke Republican "trifectas", in which one party holds the governorship and both houses of the state legislature. Meanwhile, the governor would be stripped of his normal powers as the state's negotiating partner with the federal government.

"The GOP, in Wisconsin and across the country, have made their preference clear: power first, democracy second, and the American people last", he said in a statement.

"Both the attorney general and I ran on those issues".

Ensure Evers appointees can't control the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the state's private-public hybrid agency in charge of job creation. Katrina Shankland, a member of the Wisconsin state assembly, accused Republicans of acting like "sore losers". He says the session is "illegitimate" and there will be no rules. Senate Democrats fled to IL, and Assembly Democrats filibustered for 60 straight hours in an unsuccessful attempt to stop Walker's changes.

Other people concerned about the measures including Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., criticized the proposals in a tweet late last week, arguing that the state's voters "made their choices at the ballot box and state Republicans need to respect the results". But there are a few GOP senators who aren't talking, making the legislation's fate unclear.

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Republican governor and former presidential candidate Scott Walker, who will leave office on 7 January, therefore has one last chance to reshape state government.

The measure would prevent incoming Democratic Gov. -elect Tony Evers from withdrawing a federal waiver request to implement the work requirement for able-bodied adults younger than 50.

Wisconsin's incoming Democratic attorney general is predicting multiple lawsuits challenging Republican lame-duck legislation limiting the powers of both his office and Democratic Gov. -elect Tony Evers.

"This legislation is an effort to undermine the results of the elections we just had for governor and for attorney general", Kaul told reporters Tuesday.

The state's GOP leadership framed the undertaking as an attempt to safeguard Walker's policy agenda, as well as to check executive authority. Other changes include weakening the attorney general's office by allowing Republican legislative leaders to dive into some cases with their own attorneys.

Barry C. Burden, a professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin -Madison says that the session was so unprecedented that political scientists are still examining the details of what was passed, but some of the threatened measures that would have certainly spurred legal challenges were removed before passage.

Wisconsin Republicans are working through the night to bring together enough votes to pass a sweeping package of lame-duck proposals created to empower the GOP-controlled Legislature and weaken the incoming Democrat replacing Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Republicans in Wisconsin sought Tuesday to curb the authority of the U.S. state's newly-elected, incoming Democratic governor, in a move critics decried as a blatant power grab.

The bills up for a public hearing and committee vote Monday, setting the stage for legislative action Tuesday, would move the 2020 presidential primary to help a conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, restrict early voting in way a federal court already disallowed and give the GOP-controlled Legislature the power to sidestep Kaul in legal fights.

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