UK leader focused on passing Brexit deal despite uncertainty

Bessie Dean
December 2, 2018

As you will know, up to 6 options for the UK's future will be voted on in the House of Commons on 11th December.

The deal has been criticised by both eurosceptics and europhiles among her own Conservative Party lawmakers.

"I think every MP needs to consider the importance of delivering on the Brexit vote together with the importance of doing that in a way that is good for their constituents, that protects their constituents' jobs and their livelihoods for the future".

"But the deal we've reached will give us a firm and stable base on which to leave the European Union and build this country's global future, a future that still encompasses Europe, of course, but also the wide fast-growing markets beyond, with all the opportunity that entails".

Mrs May said that if her plan was voted down by Parliament, the government and businesses would have to make decisions about implementing preparations for no deal.

The group will propose a single motion opposing May's EU Withdrawal Agreement in a debate at Holyrood, which has wide-reaching powers over education, health and a portion of taxes. I've got a deal which delivers for the British people. "That is actually a betrayal of the British people".

Pro-EU politicians hope rejection of the deal could pave the way for a second referendum.

"May's deal is going down, there is no question about that".

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The people she most needs to persuade of the merits of her deal are back in the United Kingdom: the 650 members of the House of Commons who on December 11 will vote on whether to give it their support.

Speaking from Buenos Aires at the G20 summit, the Prime Minister refused to rule out another Commons vote on her Brexit deal if MPs reject it the first time. "I want to reassure you that the European Union is prepared for every scenario".

"I'm very happy to tell President Trump and others that we will have an independent trade policy, because we will have an independent trade policy, we will be able to do trade deals", she said.

Mrs May's comments came as International Trade Secretary Liam Fox insisted that a no-deal Brexit would not be a disaster.

He also warned that the vote could be a "humiliating defeat" for the ruling Tory Party, especially with numerous backbenchers publicly expressing their opposition and threatening to vote against it in parliament.

Meanwhile a multitude of other groups and parties are continuing to sound off they should also be allowed to take part, with campaigners for a second referendum even saying they were complaining to Ofcom. "In the lead up to what is a crucial vote, you will see more of that".

Mrs May will push the case for reform of the World Trade Organisation at the summit of industrialised nations on Friday and Saturday, including increasing transparency, updating dispute settlement processes and promoting trade in services and digital alongside goods.

The two countries announced this week that they had agreed to provide an additional flight between South America and the Falklands, which Argentina still claims.

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