You can finally gift items to your friends in 'Fortnite'

Sheri Evans
November 29, 2018

In other words, if you want to buy your friends a fun gift, you'd better get to it as soon as you get the latest update.

Epic has posted the Fortnite 6.31 patch notes, delivering details on a new Team Rumble limited time mode, new Epic and Legendary rarities for the pump shotgun, and on the Save the World side of the game, some new missions, equipment, and a Legendary Constructor named Airheart. Epic Games told The Verge it is working on Android optimizations and hopes to bring 60fps to some Android models in the future. You might've even tried to put more bullets into them to make sure they really were out.

When you go into the Item Shop and choose an item to purchase, you will now be presented with two options: one saying Purchase Items and another saying Buy As A Gift.

You can only gift an item that is now available in the Item Shop. Finally, add your custom message and send it off! Then send it off and your friend will receive a gift box with the item inside the next time they fire up the game.

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This feature isn't available for iOS users, however, due to Apple's policies.

Before you can start doling out gifts to your friends, you need to have multi-factor authentication enabled on your account. You have to be friends with someone for over 48 hours before you can gift them, you can only gift three times within a 24-hour period and the gifts aren't refundable.

The only items available to gift are those now active in the Shop.

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