Mobile data is faster than Wi-Fi hotspots in these 33 countries

Sheri Evans
November 28, 2018

At the same time, penetration of high-speed 4G LTE networks has also seen a rise, and most credit can be given to the fast internet requirement of users.

The results show that mobile internet in 33 countries around the world is faster than Wi-Fi, but we cannot deny the fact that in other countries you can't compare the speed of mobile internet and that of Wi-Fi, here I state countries like Hong-Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries. "In most countries where smartphone users experienced faster download speeds on mobile networks, they also experienced faster upload speeds on mobile", explains OpenSignal. They skipped the era of the personal computer and went right to smartphones, which is probably why mobile internet is preferred and has indeed developed a lot faster than the regular broadband that we use everywhere else in the world. In Australia, cellular outpaced wifi speeds by 13Mbps, according to the study.

Kenya had a 2.3Mbps Difference between WiFi and mobile Internet speed.

The results found by open signal suggest that mobile makers need to "rethink" of the conception that WiFi is faster than mobile internet.

"Wi-fi will remain an important tool for the provision of fast internet connections for a segment of the populous".

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Wi-fi remained the fastest way to go online in most countries surveyed, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Know that the countries include Middle Eastern nationals, European, African and Latin American nations. Operators are targeting usable speeds in the 1-3 Gbps and the difference in Wi-Fi speeds vs cellular speeds might change dramatically in the near future.

You'll typically have an advantage of 10Mbps or more in places like Australia, Oman and the Czech Republic, while multi-megabit advantages are common in places like Austria, Iran and South Africa.

Many mobile networks are preparing to launch 5G services, which will eventually offer gigabit speeds, next year. Would you like making money with a side hustle business that you can build in your spare time? This means that with the arrival and adoption of 5G, the gap will only grow.

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