Newly launched iPad Pro can seemingly bend and break very easily

Sheri Evans
November 21, 2018

It looks like Microsoft's latest iPad Pro can be easily bent and mangled without exerting much effort, according to a new video from YouTube channel JerryRigEverything.

Most reviewers are big fans of the iPad Pro and say its performance is comparable to a laptop-it certainly costs as much as some high-end models.

Apple's new iPad Pro may be the last great tablet, but you'd be wise to handle it carefully. But when he proceeded to apply his bend test, the iPad Pro failed terribly as it was totaled after applying a little bit of pressure.

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Apple also mentioned the multi-functionality that the iPad Pro provides, including a "camera", a "cinema", and an "editing suite".

Besides the video, Apple-centric site MacRumors also reported that there had been a few complaints about the iPad Pro's bending issue on its forums. In the middle of the tablet, on one side we have a cutout used for wireless charging while on the other side we have a hole for the microphone. That is, of course, absolutely ridiculous but it does highlight the uphill struggle Apple will face when trying to convince people that the iPad Pro is a potential computer replacement. It is concerning to see how fragile the tablet is. It is obvious that tablets are going to be structurally weaker compared to phones as they come with a larger surface area while getting a slimmer promile year after year. Most folks won't have to worry about seeing the iPad bend like this, unless they're aiming to break it on objective, but perhaps its thinness is a contributing factor to potentially damaging models in the future.

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