Fortnite Glider Redeploy test concluded in Patch v6.30

Sheri Evans
November 18, 2018

But today Epic stated that it's rolling back the glider redeployment change in tomorrow's v6.30 update, restricting it to big team game modes where it was first conceived.

A few weeks ago, Fortnite sparked controversy when it made a big change to the gameplay. But the update brings a lot more than that.

Last week, Fortnite received NFL-themed skins for all 32 of the football league's teams but, as of Tuesday night, those skins have been removed from the game's store and the game's developer, Epic Games, has declined to give any public statement so far about their removal.

The results were split 51-49 in favour of abolishing the feature.

"The battle of Durrr Burger versus Pizza Pit has begun".

Food Fight Limited Time Mode features a new way of playing Fortnite.

Speaking of Battle Royale, Epic Games has introduced a new trap item - a Mounted Turret to defend player's builds.

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That's because Epic Games like to shake things up on an nearly weekly basis, adding new weapons, nerfing items and creating new LTMs.

Food Fight LTM is here and it is much different than what we are used to seeing from the battle royale game.

The culmination of a push and pull war between Fortnite map classic Durr Burger and the rapid spread of the Tomato-head cult, Food Fight pits two teams against each other in a fort-destroying contest.

The platform that players place the turret on is automatically rendered impenetrable and also has unlimited ammunition capability. I'm neutral on this - I seldom survive long enough to use the re-deploy function to its full potential-but it was helpful in navigating the massive structures of Food Fight.

This is an awesome new feature that will see enemies taken completely by surprise and peppered with bullets. Alongside that there's a bunch of smaller tweaks and changes, such as Pickaxes now dealing 20 damage rather than 10.

You can view all the patch notes here for more of the nitty-gritty.

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