Florida governor's race faces recount as Senate race gets even tighter

Erika Holt
November 9, 2018

"Mayor Gillum started his campaign for the people, and we are committed to ensuring every single vote in Florida is counted".

The razor-thin margins in the races of U.S. Senate, agriculture commissioner and a few local races have further narrowed overnight, and the state is gearing up for recounts.

Gillum's campaign said it was monitoring the tightening result in the governor's race.

The perpetually mismanaged elections office in Broward County, led by embattled Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, is in the hot seat once again: Snipes, who was found to have violated federal law in 2016 by deleting ballots that were the subject of a lawsuit, now says she has no clue how many ballots might be left to count in Broward County. It won't change things, but it will put paid to the conspiracy theories that are already floating in Georgia over the election process there. Detzner will order machine recounts for all statewide and multi-county races within 0.5 points. "It is sad and embarrassing that Bill Nelson would resort to these low tactics after voters have clearly spoken".

The Gillum campaign sent out an email to supporters Thursday afternoon urging those with provisional ballots to call their supervisor of elections offices before 5 p.m.to make sure their ballot was counted, and campaign spokeswoman Johanna Cervone said the campaign was prepared for a recount effort. In the meantime, a few remaining county elections supervisors are feverishly reviewing any vote-by-mail ballots they have not yet counted. In Florida, a margin of half a percentage point or less would trigger an automatic recount.

"I believe Sen. Nelson will prevail", Elias said. "It's an equal probability right now".

"I would be dishonest if I didn't say this wasn't hard", he added.

Before then, election canvassing boards in each county will review provisional ballots to determine if they are valid.

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The Florida senate campaigns were one of the most expensive this election season, with over $96m (£73m) spent in total. The tweet included a link to an article about an unknown number of outstanding votes in Democratic-stronghold Broward County.

"Let's be clear: When Elias says 'win, ' he means 'steal, ' " Scott's campaign said.

"The scanning equipment may not have caught it", he said.

He also said the idea that thousands of voters looked at the governor's race as the most important and didn't vote in the Senate race also isn't plausible, saying even the state attorney general's race got more votes recorded.

Nelson's elections lawyer, Marc Elias, a veteran of prominent recounts around the country, told reporters Thursday morning that he expects the gap to narrow and reach the manual-recount threshold. A statewide machine recount would have to be completed by 3 p.m. November 15, Elias said. If not, "we will not hesitate to address that in the courts".

Thursday, Nov. 15: If a machine recount is ordered, the second round of unofficial returns is due from the counties at 3 p.m.

Some counties, however, are closing its doors on staffers seeking public records, stymieing the only resource available to identify voters who cast provisional ballots.

The race for Agriculture Commissioner and U.S. Senate also appear headed for recounts, although those races are closer and could force the state to conduct recounts by hand, which is required when the margins between two candidates are within a quarter of a percent. "[We're] under a microscope".

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