Samsung unveils foldable smartphone with flexible display

Sheri Evans
November 8, 2018

Each CES show the foldable phone was near ready for release, and was allegedly shown to select few lucky souls from carriers and the industry.

Previous leaks have suggested a phone with 512GB storage and a tablet-like 7.3-inch display. If you want something bigger you can unfold to reveal the larger tablet display hiding inside. When unfolded, the device shows you content via the combined 7.3-inch Super AMOLED "main display". We think of a smartphone screen as a rigid piece of glass that's limited by the size of the device itself.

This origami screen is bound for a big phone launch, but Samsung didn't offer a name, price or even a timeline other than 2019. Samsung said up to three apps can run at the same time on the phone too, thanks to a "multi active window" feature it has developed. It also has a cover display that acts as a phone. "Will better support for drag-and-drop on a full-screen display come?" We may be starting from scratch with thick bezels.

Folded up, the device has a screen on its front.

When users open the phone, their apps move seamlessly from the outside of the device to the interior screen.

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Impact: Of course, this new interface does only matter for consumers who buy and use Samsung devices as One UI will not be found on devices outside of Samsung's circle. It's certainly the pinnacle of screen technology.

USA start-up Royole launched its own version last week - the FlexPai, which features a 7.8-inch screen that can be folded down to fit into a pocket. "We can not wait to see where the technology and collaboration takes us".

The live stream for said keynote on day one of the conference begins at 20:00 local time tomorrow, so tune in to see if Samsung does indeed reveal the Galaxy F.

Make no mistake, this thing looks chunky as hell, but a large part of that is apparently due to the protective shroud Samsung used to shield the rest of the device from prying eyes. Samsung's smartphone sales are declining as it faces serious competition from Huawei and other Chinese brands.

After incessantly mocking phones with display notches, Samsung just announced new "Infinity" displays with notches.
"The breakthroughs we've made in display materials have been matched by breakthroughs in manufacturing".

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