Nexus 5X and 6P have finally reached their end-of

Sheri Evans
November 8, 2018

The monthly security updates should have ended in September, but Google out of nowhere provided a two-month reprieve through November 2018. We've heard reports of users seeing a pre-order option on the Google Store, but we've yet to confirm if this is anything more than a slip-up or glitch.

The update won't arrive in Google's November security update, which rolled out on Monday, but could possibly come in the December update.

If you opt to use the Pixel Slate as a tablet, be aware it's a bit heftier than most tablets you've used.

Imagine having RAM management problems that are so bad, taking a picture in the camera app causes other apps to crash. In either case, this does mean that those interested in pre-ordering soon may find they are limited in terms of where they can pre-order from depending on the model they are after. In our in-depth Google Pixel 3 review, we dove into all the reasons these new Pixel phones are the best Pixels yet. Software improvements are equally and maybe more important, something that Google very well understands. Combined with the excellent camera performance on the Pixel 3 flagship duo, the end result is that Google has a rather compelling incentive. That's where some users are at with the Pixel 3 right now.

The firm said the bug, which users took to Twitter to share images of, can be fixed with a software update.

However, if the above fails too, you might not be as lucky as others.

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'First, starting out in English in the U.S., Pixel 3's on-device AI helps you screen phone calls and avoid spam calls.

Are you a techie who knows how to write?

"You'll immediately see a transcript of the caller's responses so that you can then decide whether to pick up, respond by tapping a quick reply (e.g., 'I'll call you back later"), or mark the call as spam and dismiss.

Credit: YouTubeOn the Pixel 3, the Google Assistant can now answer phone calls on your behalf.

The Pixel Slate was first announced in early October, with a release date of later this year.

Similarly, the Razer Phone 2 also produces much better photos with the ported Google Camera app. B-S-G developed the Google Camera port for the Xiaomi Mi 8, and it seems to work for the Razer Phone 2 as well - XDA Developers reports. Thoughts that it might be limited to the United States were also scuppered.

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