Monolithic rectangular iceberg photographed by Nasa

Pat Wise
October 24, 2018

NASA captured an image of an iceberg that looks like a flawless rectangle.

NASA scientists clocked the tabular berg on a series of flights over the Antarctic.

"We get two types of icebergs".

NASA's Operation IceBridge discovered a mysterious monolith-shaped iceberg, sparking a wild internet debate over its origin.

Like all icebergs, Brunt said only 10 percent of this particular tabular berg was visible above the waterline, with the majority of it submerged. Once they split from an ice shelf, they are often geometric in shape. "It probably wouldn't flip over", she said, but it could still crack and break up. Strong winds blowing from Larsen C have finally given it the push it was waiting for.

The tabular iceberg, as it's called, is believed to have broken off from the Larsen C ice shelf, which calved a berg the size of DE a year ago. This iceberg looks pretty fresh, she said. Petty compares it to a glass plate that shatters - the lines are typically very straight.

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Why?: Kelly Brunt, an ice scientists from NASA, told Live Science there's a reason for the iceberg appearing like a flawless rectangle.

Last summer an iceberg known as A-68 detached itself and had a surface area of over 2,000 miles.

Nasa had found a piece of floating ice in Antarctica that is so ideal, it looks like it was deliberately cut. By contrast, iceberg A68's surface area measured some 2,240 square miles at the time of calving.

NASA shared an image of the perfectly formed iceberg on its Twitter page, after spotting it while flying over the region as part of Operation Icebridge, the largest airborne survey of Earth's polar ice.

"IceBridge and ICESat-2 both use laser altimeters that fire pulses of light toward the ground and measure how long it takes for that light to bounce off the ice and return to the instruments' sensors", NASA said earlier this month.

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