Japanese man to be 1st private moon flight passenger

Pat Wise
September 19, 2018

"That doesn't mean it won't happen", said retired NASA astronaut Walter Cunningham.

The mission will not involve a lunar landing.

At a SpaceX event on Monday in Los Angeles, Musk did not clarify how much Maezawa would pay for the journey, according to TechCrunch. Maezawa's deposit for the lunar jolly was a "non-trivial" amount of money, which will help fund the BFR. And you certainly can't decide basically on what he says.

Japanese CEO and Entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa is the lucky passenger who will be the first person to trip to the moon.

Instead it will be the engineers of SpaceX who have to solve some of the greatest engineering problems on this planet to make reaching others realistic.

"I think it's a great day for everybody".

Currently, there is no good way for the average Joe or Jane to get to space.

The art project called #dearMoon was presented in a video released shortly after he and Mr Musk announced the moon flight.

Maezawa said: "I would like to invite six to eight artists from around the world to join me on this mission to the moon".

"I wish to create wonderful works of art for humankind", Maezawa said.

Musk and Maezawa declined to say how much was paid for this trip. The device wasn't used and in the interview, Unsworth called it a "PR stunt" and said it wouldn't have worked to free the boys who were trapped in the flooded cave. "And what will they create?"

Maezawa is the billionaire behind Zozo, one of Japan's most successful e-commerce websites and quickly becoming one of the world's most popular brands.

Maezawa then said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah - please, please".

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Forbes estimates Maezawa is worth $2.9 billion, so he's got deep pockets to bankroll his art addiction and space ambitions. SpaceX was tight-lipped about the financial terms of the deal and the identity of the individuals.

He recently dropped a cool $110,5 million on a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting at Sotheby's in NY, so you know he has cash to burn.

Maezawa said he'll collaborate with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and the rest of the SpaceX crew to figure out suitable candidates for the Moon project.

It consists of a massive rocket booster that promises to out-power any that has ever been built and a towering spacecraft, nicknamed BFS for Big Falcon Spaceship, that will vault out of the Earth's atmosphere. Theoretically, it's capable of carrying a 150 ton payload Mars and returning with 50 tons on board, but its first flight will be significantly less burdened.

Read everything we know about the BFR and its spaceship design here. "And it sounds insane but everything we've ever done has sounded insane to people, both people that love us and people that don't like us so much".

The BFR is central to SpaceX's plans of eventually putting people on Mars for the first time, but first of all, they need to prove that the thing actually works. SpaceX hasn't yet launched any humans into space, though it has spent years working toward that goal. That mission was to use SpaceX's Dragon crew capsule and Falcon Heavy rocket. In July, the company announced it would launch in the United States. Since then, NASA has relied on Russian Federation to ferry astronauts to the space station. He'll be in his late 40s if the mission goes ahead on schedule.

The images of the BFR show a rocket with fins on the side. Musk said that he wants the BFR to be configured so as to allow passengers ot take the fullest advantage of weightless ness since "fun is very under rated".

Elon Musk's SpaceX has been talking up its plans to shoot tourists around the moon since early 2017.

SpaceX said past year that it planned to send two private citizens around the moon in a Dragon crew capsule to be launched by a Falcon Heavy rocket.

Virgin Galactic, founded by British tycoon Richard Branson, and billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's rocket company Blue Origin, are working on trips to the edge of space that could offer tourists a chance at weightlessness for 10 minutes or so.

Their ventures plan to conduct short suborbital trips during which passengers can briefly experience weightlessness and an expansive view of Earth.

It's one of the most critical steps in getting space tourism to become a viable industry.

Virgin's trip will cost about $250,000.

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