Pence: I'd take lie detector test over NYT essay

Erika Holt
September 12, 2018

The anonymous op-ed describes Cabinet-level officials talking about the possibility - discussions that would conceivably have been brought to Pence's attention, since he would be both a prime mover and beneficiary of any such scenario.

"Many have already come forward to say the quotes by them, like the book, are fiction. I'll write the real book!"

The op-ed's author, identified as a "senior administration official", claims to be part of a "quiet resistance" working to thwart President Trump's "occasionally reckless decisions" from within the administration.

"I would be more than willing to continue to provide all support in that", Pence replied, adding, "We have outside counsel that will advise me accordingly".

But the controversy is unlikely to ease in the week ahead.

On an unrelated matter, Pence said on CBS that he has not been called for an interview by special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible coordination between Russia and Trump's Republican presidential campaign as well as Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

If the version of events revealed by Woodward and the anonymous official is true, America is facing a deeply dysfunctional presidency and crisis of governance with no parallel in modern history, apart, perhaps, from the paranoid final days of the Nixon administration. "The Constitution of the United States vests all executive power in the president of the United States". Thus weakened, Trump's departure by impeachment or other means would also open the door of the Oval Office to the vice president. "It was me, but don't tell anyone.' And, of course, the person will tell someone", Conway said.

Pence tells Sunday's edition of CBS' "Face the Nation" that he hasn't polled staffers about the opinion piece because "I know them".

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"It's just not been my focus and it's not the president's focus", he said.

"The honorable thing to do here is for this individual to recognize that they are literally violating an oath". "If they've now published an anonymous editorial think they are misrepresenting themselves, that they are essentially living a lie within this administration, and trying to frustrate and subvert the agenda the president was elected to advance, that's an important issue". The two writings chronicle how Trump's presidential authority is allegedly being checked by his own administration officials, who reportedly view him as amoral, behaving erratically and perhaps risky to national security.

The verbal commitment comes as President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani continues to oscillate on the conditions of a potential Trump interview with Mueller. After all, he is effectively calling for the government's instruments of criminal investigation to be brought to bear against someone who has committed no obvious crime.

He also derided National Football League ratings, blaming "take a knee" protests; hailed the state of the economy; defended his trade tariffs; and cited Fox News, his favorite outlet, as saying North Korea is committed to full denuclearization.

"That is one of the reasons why I think you're seeing not only Republican members, but what appears to be a lot of folks in the White House, have real concerns about this president's stability", Warner added.

Pence said Mueller's team hadn't requested an interview, but said he would be willing to do a sit-down if asked. The book, "Fear: Trump in the White House", is scheduled to be formally released Tuesday, all but ensuring that the debate over Trump's leadership ability and style will extend into a second straight week.

But Woodward's depiction rang true even for some in Trump's party, including Republican Sen. The Times said a person at the private event provided the paper with an audio recording of Mulvaney's remarks.

"We fully recognise what is happening". "Election night will be very interesting indeed!"

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