EA faces prosecution in Belgium over Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 'loot boxes'

Sheri Evans
September 11, 2018

EA seems to be standing firm over its implementation of loot boxes, which were banned in Belgium back in April after the Belgian Gaming Commission found them to be "games of chance", and therefore gambling.

Some time has passed and it appears that gaming industry big guns like Blizzard, Valve, and 2K Games have all disabled loot boxes in Belgium.

After the Belgium Gaming Commission ruled that lootboxes present in Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, Overwatch, and CS: Global Offensive were in violation with the Belgian Gambling Laws, the Commission threatened with huge fines and imprisonment if a publisher failed to comply with the country's gambling laws.

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Ultimate Team mode's randomized card packs seem to have been the matter of discussion. According to the Gaming Commission, lootboxes are illegal luck-factor cosmetics as players are unaware of what the treasure boxes contain, even after making the purchase.

EA maintains that its loot boxes are not a form of gambling. As such, the Belgian government is taking the company to court. We're dealing with the vagaries of Google Translate here, but broadly it appears that the commission is in now contact with the Brussels public prosecutor's office. Dutch news outlets Nieuwsblad and Metro have both reported that after refusing to remove loot boxes from Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 and Federation Internationale de Football Association 19, the Brussels Public Prosecutor is conducting a criminal investigation which could result in a court battle between EA and the Belgian government.

GamesIndustry.biz reports that CEO Andrew Wilson said in may that the company doesn't believe that loot boxes are gambling.

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