What Was Trump And Putin's Security Agreement? The Pentagon Has No Clue

Bessie Dean
July 20, 2018

Speaking to CBS News on Wednesday, Mr Trump said he held Mr Putin personally responsible for interfering in the election, and that he was "very strong on the fact that we can't have meddling".

US President Donald Trump has invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to visit the US in the autumn, his press secretary says.

Trump called it "an incredible offer".

Trump on Tuesday said he misspoke during the news conference.

Mr McFaul said the request from Mr Putin was "ridiculous", and it was also rubbished by the Senate, where all 98 politicians voted to support a resolution against allowing Russian Federation to question U.S. officials.

The illustration by artist Nancy Burson shows Mr Trump morphing into Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Coats was speaking to moderator Andrea Mitchell, who noted that not only did Trump side with Russian President Vladimir Putin despite numerous well-substantiated assessments from USA intelligence, he went so far as to call out Coats by name.

"The President and his administration are working very hard to make sure that Russian Federation is unable to meddle in our elections as they have done in the past and as we have stated", she continued.

On Wednesday, the Russian Prosecutor General's office listed Americans it wanted to question for "illegal activities", including Michael McFaul, who was United States ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration.

However, Mr Putin said "powerful" U.S. forces were trying to sabotage what the summit had achieved.

"If I were asked that question, I would look for a different way of doing it", he said. "There is just rule of Putin".

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Earlier on Thursday, US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said he did not know what happened in the meeting between Mr Trump and Mr Putin.

Donald Trump has tweeted that the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin was a "great success" and people at "higher ends of intelligence" loved his Helsinki news conference.

"I think as time goes by and the president has already mentioned some things that happened in that meeting, I think we will learn more".

But on Thursday morning, Trump made a fresh bombastic claim: the media want the U.S.to go to "war" with Russian Federation.

In Moscow, Putin said the summit " was successful overall and led to some useful agreements" without elaborating on the agreements.

"I think that Trump is a guy who likes to be friendly, he likes to be positive", said Gingrich, "but he didn't get to be a billionaire by being stupid and he knows how to make sure whether or not you are delivering on the contract". Putin did not name names, but spoke of USA politicians who put their "narrow party interests" above the best interests of the United States and were powerful enough to be able to foist their questionable "stories" on millions of Americans.

Garrett said that Mr. Trump distinctly left behind an impression at Helsinki that he was willing to have Russian security services cooperate with the United States - possibly come to America - to question Americans about alleged crimes in Russia.

US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called for Mr Trump to reveal what he discussed with Mr Putin.

By Tuesday, after congressional blowback and criticism from outside advisors, Trump reversed himself and said he meant to say that he didn't see any reason why Russian Federation wouldn't - as opposed to would - intervene in the elections.

But the director of national intelligence, who oversees the United States' sprawling spy agencies, has been front and center in the past week as he has pushed back against President Trump over Russia's interference in American elections.

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