Google Assistant will now create a 'visual snapshot' of your day

Sheri Evans
July 19, 2018

To activate the new feature just tap on the new icon in the top right hand corner of the new Google Assistant (I can not see it yet on my Google Assistant).

When you open the Google Assistant app on your phone, you will receive proactive suggestions and personalized information based on time, location, and your recent interactions with the Assistant. This system allows for Google Assistant to be the more ready-to-go part of the Android ecosystem when it comes to appointments, travel times, and recent store orders - and stock prices too, because of course.

This week, we're rolling out a new visual overview of your day when you open the Google Assistant app on your phone, with proactive suggestions and personalized information to help you stay on top of your day.

It marks the latest effort by Google to make its Assistant technology even more useful in users' everyday lives.

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Notes and lists from Google Keep,, Bring!, Todoist and others. It's not a radical departure for Google, especially if you're used to receiving "leave now" notifications and similar alerts, but the consolidation could prove supremely helpful for those days where the sheer number of tasks proves overwhelming. Here's a complete list of actions for Assistant. Today they have announced a new feature that move the digital assistant into visual cues as well as vocal.

Google's $130 (£105) Home speaker is triggered by the phrase "Hey Google" while Amazon's Echo uses "Alexa".

Google's Assistant software is also able to answer follow-up questions on the same topic, in a near-conversation style, but Echo as yet can not. It shows immediate events in your upcoming future-including those pulled from email confirmations as well as your Calendar-any reminders you have set, packages you might be expecting, and more.

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