‘FBI lover’ agent: Attacks on Federal Bureau of Investigation a ‘victory’ for President Putin

Erika Holt
July 13, 2018

Should Page agree to testify on Thursday, she would be doing so alongside Peter Strzok, the former top Federal Bureau of Investigation counterintelligence official with whom she exchanged a series of anti-Trump texts that brought her to the GOP's attention.

In his first public comments since private text messages between Strzok and Page were disclosed, the agent concluded opening remarks with a pointed broadside against his antagonisers.

Declaring an inquisition by the House of Representatives to be "just another victory notch in Putin's belt"-which assumes that Vladimir Putin actually wears a belt and does not simply command his pants not to fall down-FBI "lover boy" Peter Strzok dodged beanball after beanball Thursday at a congressional hearing called to find out whether such subtle tweets as "F- Trump" might be interpreted to suggest that he may not be a strong admirer of the current president of the United States".

An FBI agent whose anti-Trump text messages fueled suspicions of partisan bias told lawmakers Thursday that his work has never been tainted by politics and that the intense scrutiny he is facing represents "just another victory notch in Putin's belt".

In one, Page asked Strzok if Trump was going to be president.

Embattled FBI agent Peter Strzok faced off with House Republicans Thursday at a fiery and raucous hearing where he forcefully defended his actions in the Hillary Clinton email and Russian Federation investigations amid sharp attacks over the anti-Trump text messages he sent.

After the opening statements, House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., lodged his first question: How many people did Strok interview during the first eight days of the FBI's Russian Federation investigation, between July 31 and August 8, 2016?

You don't have to like Peter Strzok, or James Comey, or Robert Mueller, or anyone else involved in these various investigations.

Peter Strzok (struhk) helped lead FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton's email use and potential co-ordination between Russian Federation and Donald Trump's campaign.

"I don't recall and I have to check the case file", he said.

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Strzok says in congressional testimony that the text reflected his view that the American people would not elect someone "demonstrating that behaviour".

The FBI agent went on to assail Republicans for corroding "what the FBI is in American society", and impairing its capacity to execute its mission. CNN host Wolf Blitzer called them "damning", while political director David Chalian said to suggest these texts were not indicative of bias is "just flat wrong on its face".

While reading one in which he used the f-word while talking about Trump, Strzok paused and asked how he should handle it, then finished.

The response was met with some applause in the committee room. "As someone who loves this country and cherishes its ideals, it is profoundly painful to watch and even worse to play a part in". His lawyer has argued that the public hearing is an attempt by Republicans to "trap" Strzok, and they have urged the committee's Republicans to release the transcript of his closed-door interview.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., indicated earlier Wednesday that he would support Goodlatte's decision.

The Justice Department's inspector general has criticized Strzok and Page for creating the appearance of impropriety.

FBI Director Chris Wray says employees who were singled out for criticism in the report have been referred to internal disciplinary officials.

"No the disgrace is what this man has done to our Justice system!"

Officials said Friday the committees had reached an agreement to question her behind closed doors on Friday, following an angry back and forth with Page's lawyer Amy Jeffress over what she called "bullying tactics" by the lawmakers.

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