Donald Trump slams North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies over military spending ahead of summit

Erika Holt
July 10, 2018

Trump has argued that countries not paying their fair share are freeloading off the USA and has threatened to stop protecting those he feels pay too little.

In May, the World Trade Organization (WTO) sided with the USA on the issue of the European Union breaking WTO rules with subsidies to airplane manufacturer Airbus.

"We have received unequivocal assurances of the American side that Ukraine's interests are taken into account and protected".

Trump also took aim at what he indicated were trade inequities with the EU on Monday in an indication he will attempt to link the US commitment to European security with trade. Trump tweeted on Thursday.

But Hutchinson, and the US ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, gave upbeat assessments of the upcoming meetings.

Instead, we can look forward to Trump continuing his uninformed commentary about nations failing to "pay their dues"-as if North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was one of his country clubs-and musing about whether the U.S. should even stay in the alliance".

Her comments come just weeks after Trump charged that America is "the piggy bank that (NATO) likes to take from", and "we like to help out, but it helps them, they're in Europe". About it reports Fox News. Germany has kept defense spending at just 1.2 percent of GDP in recent years.

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The colorful procession also featured activists wearing masks, mocking US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko.

"So they want to protect against Russia, yet they pay billions of dollars to Russia", Trump said.

Allies are braced for a barrage of invective from Trump for not spending enough on defense, and are apprehensive that his often skeptical tone on the alliance that has underpinned European security for 70 years might turn into outright hostility. "I'm really happy that we made it to the quarters for the first time in history", said Artyom Osadchy, a student.

Even that best-case scenario just produces a situation, as we now have on the Korean peninsula, where nothing positive or productive happens, but Trump no longer has an incentive to batter the global system further to score points with his base.

Graham said that trump should not immediately believe the words of the Russian President, when he denies Russia's intervention in the American elections.

Trump has shown his affinity for closed-door meetings already during his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last month.

As many as 33% of those surveyed said they had positive expectations from the summit, while one percent said that, the outcome of the highly-talked about event would be negative for Russian Federation.

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