New Cure for Baldness Could Be Found in Existing Drug, Scientists Say

Kenny Tucker
May 10, 2018

If baldness runs your family, then you might be pleased to hear that scientists have found that a drug originally created to combat brittle bones could be used as a cure.

And Dr Hawkshaw told the BBC a clinical trial would be needed to see if the treatment was effective and safe in people.

Now only two drugs - minoxidil and finasteride - are available for treatment of male-pattern balding (androgenetic alopecia).

There are now two types of drugs aimed at treating male pattern baldness, minoxidil and finasteride, but neither are available on the NHS, and neither promise drastic results.

Upon analysing the drug, the researchers found CsA reduces the protein SFRP1 in the body, which inhibits the growth of hair follicles.

When the researchers treated hair follicles with the drug, it enhanced their growth.

A drug originally developed to fight brittle bone disease could have unlocked a cure for baldness.

The discovery, still to be tested in clinical trials, could open up a whole new approach to treating hair loss in both men and women, researchers believe.

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The study was published May 8 in the journal PLOS Biology. They found that this drug also appeared to target SFRP1 and was even better than CsA at suppressing the protein, and didn't have any of the side effects to boot.

If applied as a shampoo, scientists found the treatment promotes hair growth. They landed on another osteoporosis treatment known as WAY-316606, and tested it on hair samples from 40 patients undergoing hair transplant surgery.

To find a new treatment, scientists at the University of Manchester studied a cancer drug called CsA that produces embarrassing unwanted hair growth.

Unlike similar drugs, WAY-316606 comes without any nasty side effects, making it more suitable to treat baldness.

However, CaA's severe side effects other than a boost in hair growth make it an unappealing choice.

While you wait for a surefire solution to hair loss, consider embracing your baldness.

The study was released on Tuesday and suggests the compound was able to prolong anagen, which is the active growth phase of hair follicles.

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