Google Assistant to get six new voices

Pat Wise
May 10, 2018

"But it's equally clear that we can't just be wide-eyed about what we create".

"We know the path ahead needs to be navigated carefully and deliberately", he said. "It's in that spirit that we're approaching our core mission", he added.

In addition, Google will monitor the health of their users through tracking of time that the user spends in the application.

On its Google Maps app, the company is introducing an augmented reality feature to help guide people to their destination.

Further impressive AI features to be announced at the conference included a Smart Compose feature that can write emails for you and the ability to colorize black and white photos using advanced object recognition.

Meanwhile, Google Assistant on Wear OS is getting improvements as well.

This approach means Google News understands the people, places and things involved in a story as it evolves, and connects how they relate to one another. Google is finally putting all the autofill information to good use on your TV. For that, you're better off holding down a button on the steering wheel and asking Google Assistant for some help. "If you're playing a game on the PlayStation, you just ask the assistant, and the Assistant can show you the answer cards over the screen".

The Assistant is now also able to have a back-and-forth conversation without users having to repeat the "Hey, Google" wake phrase before each command, and will also be able to make multiple requests at once for the first time. Folks in Spain, Mexico, South Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark will soon be able to buy the Assistant-enabled smart speaker in their home countries.

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The battery will use machine learning to adapt to how you use apps in order to conserve energy. Machine learning has also been used to create Adaptive Brightness, which learns how an individual user likes to set the brightness slider given your surroundings.

The Google Photos app should get smarter about suggesting who you might want to share photos with.

Chief Executive Sundar Pichai and other officials said Google should find ways to reduce stress from technology and improve customers' "digital well-being".

Some new features for Android phones also aim to improve people's digital well-being, including a new "shush" mode that automatically puts a phone in "do not disturb" mode if you flip it face down on a table.

So a new Dashboard in Android, for instance, shows you how you're spending time on your device, including time spent in apps, how many times you've unlocked your phone, and how many notifications you've received.

Then you, my friend, are addicted to your phone. Like the iPhone X, you can swipe up on one of the screens to quit it, but you can also long press inside them to select text.

Are you addicted to your phone? Fair enough. It's important to note that you more than likely can't interact with some apps the way you would on your smartphone, either.

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