Kennedy: Unanswered questions in Facebook privacy issue

Pat Wise
April 16, 2018

He was confident. He capably tackled numerous queries proposed last week by Bloomberg columnists.

A key change is the company's move to eliminate a program called "Partner Categories", in which it worked with third-party "data brokers" to help advertising clients target their ads. Zuckerberg's success is a win for anyone primarily concerned with the company's market value.

The most notable development during the two-day testimony was the bipartisan push for greater data regulation, which is atypical given the Republicans' overall aversion towards regulation, but perhaps not surprising in this situation. The first was with Sen.

Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the upper chamber's judiciary committee, said he had also invited representatives from Twitter and Google to discuss "how such data may be misused or improperly transferred and what steps companies like Facebook can take to better protect personal information of users and ensure more transparency in the process". Zuckerberg answered with "Senator, there has not". Facebook brags to advertisers that it can provide "cross device" targeting, as it is called. But it basically serves the same function, he said, adding he had just done this in recent weeks for a client.

Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, said that all affected users would receive a message through their news feeds letting them know about the use of their data.

It appears like a genuinely outlined component in administration of Facebooks' objective of interfacing individuals.

Zuckerberg also skirted some of the most important questions rocking the digital world like: How much data does Facebook collect from users without consent? Although only 270,000 people completed the quiz, the app was able to exploit the way Facebook held data to get at information about millions more.

In the meantime, Facebook has adapted more about Sadia's group of friends - notwithstanding the way that Sadia has never utilized Facebook, and thusly has never consented to its strategies for information gathering.

"Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg confronted two days of flame broiling before U.S. government officials this week, following worries over how his organization manages individuals" information.

Although Cambridge Analytica, the political consulting firm at the center of the scandal, insists they only had data on 30 million users, Facebook has come up with its estimated 87 million using a simple logic.

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Technically, Facebook's users can turn off targeted advertisements or disable sensitive features such as image recognition in photos.

I'm not suggesting this was the moment when then-President Bush was destined to become ex-President Bush, but his apparent disconnect with the modems of everyday life echoed through the halls of Congress in the (to be charitable) rudimentary questions lobbed at Zuckerberg.

As per a TechCrunch report, Facebook confirmed that changes to the Bookmarks section are being rolled out to new users worldwide as part of a staged rollout.

And some contend getting off Facebook will not solve the problem.

The news has also sparked a movement among Facebook users to drop the service, adopting the hashtag #DeleteFacebook. How are we protecting our data?

Facebook has maintained that data was resold without permission.

Maybe people would find this system too cumbersome to be practical.

What failed to surface in the hearings is that Facebook has a history of double standards, kowtowing to the demands of authoritarian governments around the globe while paying lip service to the protection of free speech in order to preserve the company's lucrative market share.

When pressed on what the impact could be for firms using the social media site, Walcott said he saw no reason for companies to shift from Facebook in light of the scandal.

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