Facebook has been collecting data of non-Facebook users

Pat Wise
April 15, 2018

At $5.12, Facebook's current CPM is not the most expensive among the major social networks - LinkedIn's $16.99 is - but that likely reflects the employment and recruitment advertising market norms, versus conventional consumer marketing. The most important and most frequently asked one was if this was the start of the end of social media? The European Union has set a great example with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation: every internet user has the right to know when their data changes hands or is subject to a breach, and has the right to be forgotten. "This email includes names and email addresses - including my own name - and at least one web bug created to identify me to Facebook's web servers when I open the email", he said. He suggested that during a media briefing. "What is interesting is that the number grows to 18% among people who are said to be very aware of the Cambridge Analytica indicent". The US is famously wary of governments getting too involved in private business, and the nation has relatively loose laws when it comes to issues of data privacy.

Nope. Most probably, it's all of us. What they produce could provide even more negative headlines for the company, as it is forced to divulge more of its inner workings than it has ever felt comfortable with.

With a few clicks, I learned that about 500 advertisers - many that I had never heard of, like Bad Dad, a motorcycle parts store, and Space Jesus, an electronica band - had my contact information, which could include my email address, phone number and full name. But now, it seems that this feature has been abused to scrape data by using simple scripts. In the meantime the company has released a tool users can use to check for themselves whether their information was passed on Cambridge Analytica.

Whether Facebook employees worked alongside Cambridge Analytica when they embedded with the Trump campaign in 2016.

But in following the advice, "don't invest in companies you wouldn't want to run", I'm selling my Facebook stock.

"Based on our investigation, you don't appear to have logged into "This Is Your Digital Life" with Facebook before we removed it from our platform in 2015".

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Well, not much, because this is normal.

ANNA ESHOO: Was your data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties - your personal data? Even former United States president Barack Obama's campaign made one that accessed the friend lists of those who used it. He did not mention that Facebook owns four of the eight top communication apps: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The social network had even kept a permanent record of the roughly 100 people I had deleted from my friends list over the last 14 years, including my exes. They've been accused of influencing Brexit, the USA elections and a whole lot more. "If I'm upset with Facebook, what's the equivalent product that I can sign up for?"

Because Facebook doesn't charge users a service fee, the company says its financial viability depends on using personal data to maintain its advertising scheme.

Hopefully Zuckerberg can put his hoodie back on, rebuild Facebook's image and get back to the good old days of virtual puppies and killer flair. Ironically, Facebook may profit from a problem of their own making!

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) asked Zuckerberg on Tuesday how the company made money, the chief executive replied, "Senator, we sell ads".

Unfortunately, I'm not yet at that level of social media enlightenment.

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