YouTube shooting: Police release body-camera footage with Nasim Aghdam

Bessie Dean
April 14, 2018

Mountain View police said they waited to release the video so that San Bruno police, who are the lead agency in the YouTube shooting, could view it first.

The Mountain View Police Department has released the officer-worn body camera footage from the night officers found YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam sleeping in her vehicle about 30 minutes south of YouTube headquarters.

The police in Mountain View launched police bodycam footage on Friday that reveals officers talking to the suspected shooter after discovering her asleep in her automotive in an empty Walmart parking lot on April three spherical 1:30 a.m. Nasim Aghdam: "No." Officer: "Are you supposed to take medication?"

The officers later ask - "You don't want to hurt yourself, do you?"

The video - captured by the cops' body cameras - shows the officers wake up Aghdam, and ask her whether she was taking any medications or meant to harm anyone - standard police questions for anyone reported as an "at-risk" missing person, the department notes.

Police said they spoke to her for about 20 minutes but she didn't appear to be a threat to herself or others.

About 11 hours after her encounter with officers, Aghdam opened hearth at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, capturing three people sooner than killing herself.

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Eventually the officers told Aghdam they would notify her father and say was found safe and does not want to be contacted. And a records-check didn't show any threats of violence.

Aghdam was reportedly angry with the YouTube because it had stopped paying her for her videos. She told officers she was having "issues" with her family.

A second, female, officer arrived and they called the San Diego County Sheriff's Department to confirm the missing person report for Aghdam.

He communicated the interaction with the father and when he understood the two hung up.

Asked if she wanted to hurt herself or anybody else - or commit suicide, Aghdam responded: "No". "There was no dispute or anything", the San Diego dispatcher told the Mountain View officer.

Roughly one hour after that, the father called back to let the officer know that his daughter had recently become upset about changes on the YouTube platform that had impacted videos she had created on living a vegan lifestyle.

The officers checked several databases, including a statewide database that would indicate if someone is a registered gun owner but prohibited to possess firearms, police said. The father suggested that may have been one of the reasons she was in the area.

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