Engler: MSU regrets response to rape lawsuit

Florence Fletcher
April 14, 2018

A survivor of sexual abuse from Larry Nassar alleged on Friday that Michigan State interim president John Engler tried to pay her off to settle her civil lawsuit.

"I asked if we could speak to him, just so that I could introduce myself as a survivor of Larry Nassar", Lorincz said during her public comment time.

"My hope was that maybe if he actually met a survivor, he might become more empathetic to what we're experiencing", she said. He told us he would see us if we could wait a few minutes.

"I felt like I was getting bullied into saying something".

As to whether Engler offered Lorincz a check, Guerrant said she interpreted the meeting differently.

Mlive.com reports that Kaylee Lorincz, 18, made the assertion Friday during the university's Board of Trustees meeting.

"She's not my lawyer", Engler said.

"He explained all of the new things they've implemented, which sounded promising, but said working together couldn't occur until the civil suits are settled", Lorincz said.

The response was met with backlash from people who say Michigan State violated federal privacy laws. They told me he offered her $250,000 and asked if that would 'be enough.' When they kept telling him this wasn't about money and they weren't talking about money, he told them he'd met with me and I'd given him a number I wanted.

Lorincz reiterated it was not about money to her, she said. Carol Viventi said "Well you're in civil litigation, aren't you?" "That's what a civil case is about, money".

After the board meeting, MSU spokesperson Emily Guerrant said "as far as I remember" Engler did not offer a specific dollar amount to Lorincz.

We sat in a conference room where I briefly told President Engler my story.

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"I can tell you in California, where I'm licensed, you could lose your bar license for doing that", Manly said.

Denhollander said Lorincz and her mother told her about Engler's comments soon after the meeting. "No one other than Kaylee has met with him". "I have never, ever, ever, not once, discussed monetary compensation with any survivor or even with my own attorney". "He then proceeded to attack my attorneys who had no idea that this meeting was taking place".

"At this point, I was feeling pretty bad".

Lorincz said Engler started talking about how "sad" it was that hundreds of osteopathic medicine doctors were being judged by the actions of "one bad doctor". But that prompted Engler to again ask her to give him a "number", Lorincz said, adding that Engler claimed he also met with Rachael Denhollander - the first woman to publicly accuse Nassar of sexual abuse - and that she provided a figure to him. "It was only just a slap on the butt, '" Lorincz said. "It was only just a slap on the butt".

"He turned away from me during the meeting and blocked me, and just was speaking to Kaylee".

"She's not my lawyer", Engler replied. The crowd began to chant "let her speak" while police officers stood behind her trying to control the situation.

"You sponsored my assault", dancer Morgan McCaul, a Nassar victim, said. "When you protect and promote a sexual predator, and foster a culture of lies and cover ups, YOU are responsible". She said as of Friday afternoon that she had not heard from him or any members of the board of trustees. "The steps he's taken with Strampel were nothing more than a political move, it's not because he saw anything wrong with Strampel's conduct". And I had to continually tell him that I'm not here for the money.

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White said this was done without his knowledge or consent.

Engler's statement drew boos and jeers from the crowd. President Engler then tried to back up his statement saying, "well there are different degrees of murder".

"I don't believe - I'll have to check", Guerrant said immediately following the meeting.

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