BioShock Revival Rumored To Be Underway At New "Top-Secret" 2K Studio

Sheri Evans
April 14, 2018

This scoop comes from a Kotaku story chronicling Hangar 13's recently turbulent history.

One thing is clear: The "BioShock" series is a blockbuster, and it makes flawless sense that a new game would be in the works. Some went to other game companies; others moved to the top-secret studio next door to work on an unannounced new BioShock game. Since then, there have been some re-releases and remasters for current-generation consoles, but nothing substantial in the way of a new game.

Tucked away in a report by Kotaku's Jason Schreier detailing troubles at Mafia 3 developer Hangar 13, remnants of the broken-up team have apparently been funnelled into working on a BioShock title, while some have left the company entirely. It's only been mentioned that some developers from Hanger 13 have joined a new studio and they are working in a new project code-named "Parkside". All that changed this afternoon when Kotaku nonchalantly dropped a bombshell about a new BioShock game hidden in a postmortem piece on Mafia III. "It was all very tight-lipped". In the years since, news relating to the BioShock franchise has been quiet.

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Since then, the studio has "floundered" as it tries to figure out what its next project should be, with ideas like a fourth Mafia set in Las Vegas during the 70s, a spy game set in Berlin in the 80s, and a music-fueled action game ultimately being abandoned. Instead, it allows the studios to decide when it's time to reveal a project. One person involved with it said "The issue is that Parkside's not ready for lots of people". Different iterations of the engine have been used for every BioShock game released so far, whether it be from the now rebranded Irrational Games or 2K Marin.

For now, 2K hasn't officially announced a new game in the "BioShock" series, nor did the publisher respond to request for comment.

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